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Coach Fisher's Monday Press Conference

*(on if it is too late in the season to make scheme changes)

*We do scheme changes, we put things in on a weekly basis from a game plan standpoint.  That's what we do, we adjust.  We adjust our offense, every part of our game from a game plan standpoint.  That is taking place as we speak.  I mentioned the possibility of looking at some other players, and there is still that possibility.  Friday I wasn't going to get into detail because if in fact once the discussions are made and we decide to give a younger player an opportunity to play you have to let the older player know out of respect for him, and Friday was certainly too soon to do that.  We're discussing that—just for example, we have a few guys who are banged up.  They are hanging in there, they're doing the best they possibly can and they're banged up.  Would it be better for us to play a younger guy who's not banged up, who might be 100 percent that might just give you a better chance to win the ball game and being successful?  In addition to that, it gives you a chance to look at a younger player.  Certainly not placing blame on anybody, but that's kind of what we're talking about.  The worst thing you can do is just knee-jerk react in these situations and put somebody down and put somebody up.  You have to look at the big picture, and that's what we're doing.

*(on if they're considering starting Rusty Smith at quarterback)

*Yeah, there is a possibility of that, but again, Rusty got his shot and he's come a long way since training camp.  We didn't draft Rusty because he was an immediate answer at the position, we drafted Rusty because he had a skill set and it appeared that his ability would transfer over to this level—knowing that it would take some time.

*(on if they can use these last three games to get a better idea of their long-term quarterback depth)

*That will all be discussed, as I said, when the season is over.  It doesn't have to do with those that are on the roster right now.  Chris (Simms) has been with us and then he left and he came back and he has potential.  Rusty certainly has potential, but playing Chris or Rusty or Kerry over the next three weeks is not going to determine the future of the position.

*(on whether or not Rusty Smith could play well enough to make a permanent move up the depth chart)

*We have a good feel for what he can do.  Again, I'm not saying I'm not going to play him, but that's not real high on the list of discussions.

*(on if they are going to try and get David Thornton some playing time)

*It's being discussed as well, yeah.  Again, I'm not going to confirm anything here, I'm just going to try and give you a sense of the process itself and the process over the long week.

*(on if David Thornton is physically ready to play in a game)

*I think he's good, yeah. With each week he's getting better and better.

*(on if he has told the team they are still mathematically alive to make the playoffs)

*Yeah, I called each and every one of them over the weekend and I told them.  No, I haven't had a chance to visit with the team, so we're still mathematically alive—there is still a chance, so you just keep playing.

*(on if the defensive tackles are struggling with injuries)

*Tony (Brown) is playing without practicing.  If you do that really at any position over an extended period of time, it's hard.  It's great effort and everything, but a couple practices during the week under your belt certainly gives you a chance.  Again, I'm not singling out Tony, but we've got those kind of guys at a lot of different positions.

*(on if the idea of playing spoiler excited the team)

*Well playing in the game excites guys period.  Certainly adds an additional motivation for the game, you're always looking for little things.  Those things, yeah, they become important to the team, especially if it happens to someone in your division.

*(on how the offensive line has played this year)

*I think they've been consistent.  Compared to last year I think we've got the same guys that are a little bit better at each position.  I think we have a little more bulk and strength inside than we did last year at the center.  By no means have I pointed the finger at the line and said they need to play better, that's our issue.  I think they're blocking well, they're protecting the quarterback.  It's different when you've got different quarterbacks and drop structures and set up zones and footwork out of the quarterbacks.  I think they've adjusted well to that.  Certainly they're not excited about where we are in the run game, and they've got three more weeks to make it healthy.

*(on what he is going to tell Cortland Finnegan about not being baited by Andre Johnson)

*I don't think he got drawn into anything last time around.  I think maybe someone needs to talk to Andre Johnson about that.  Cortland is going to line up and play and do his best to help us win and play good defense.

*(on if he expects to see Vince Young this week)

*I don't know.  He hasn't come in since.

*(on what he thinks of the way Jacksonville has rebounded from the Titans blowing them out at home on Monday Night Football)

*I think Jack's (Del Rio) done a great job.  What they've done is they've got a young offensive line that is gelling, they've got one of the better running backs in the game, they're getting really solid quarterback play and they're young defensive line and front seven are playing well.  They're not giving up as many big plays as they did early in the passing game.  They gave up some rushing yards, from what I understand, yesterday to a much improved Oakland team, but I think Jack's done a good job.  That was a tough place to come into work to the next Tuesday after we left.  I thought he did a great job getting his team back.

*(on if there is a reason for the defense's lack of forced turnovers recently)

*We've had opportunities; we've had deflections, those things happen.  It doesn't mean they've ceased for the entire season, we still have three games left.  I would expect to see more big plays in the secondary and at the linebacker position.  It's also a byproduct of it's hard to intercept balls when teams are rushing against you 40-50 times in a game, and as a result of that and as I've mentioned, all of a sudden you start to wear down because you're not especially big up front and you don't get the pressure that you need.

*(on if they are going to look to get bigger on their defensive front seven)

*Yeah, that's something that will be addressed.  Our division is such that you're going to need some big bodies inside.  Especially when you're playing run games like at Houston and Jacksonville.

*(on how difficult it would be for a wide receiver to learn a different wide receiver position in the middle of the season)

*Quite a few of our guts know all three (wide receiver) positions.  Kenny's (Britt) just been focused particularly at the one position at the split end.  It really would be a result of Kenny being able to go out there without any issues and play both positions.  I said it was a possibility when you asked, I didn't say we were definitely going to do it.

*(on what he expects the attitude of his team to be when they come back to work on Tuesday)

*They're going to come back in and have fun.  It's just like a regular bye week.  They're going to come back in and have fun, we're going to have fun and get ready and play an opponent that shut us out three-or-four weeks ago.

*(on the benefit of having a few extra days off to prepare for the Texans)

*Based on the experiences over the years, they're very, very valuable.  We were a very tired team even when we went to Detroit on Thanksgiving a couple of years ago.  We bounced back and played pretty good football after that.  I think it's important, you see teams bounce back and take advantage of that rest.

*(on how much of a bigger advantage is it to have a long week to prepare and the Texans having a short week to prepare)

*Well, again we're just going to have to wait and see.  Traveling—going on the road after a Monday night in itself is quite a challenge.

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