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Coach Fisher's Monday Press Conference




(on why he did not challenge the Ahmard Hall goal line play in the fourth quarter)

You know, this was the process.  First off, we didn't get a look in communicating upstairs until very late.  My thought there, being up by nine points at the time, my thought was if I challenged it and it was complete on the one-yard line I still was going to kick the field goal and not go for it on fourth and goal on the one.  I was better off kicking it from the right hash on the five-yard line then from the one-yard line—just to give us a better angle.  So I didn't get the information until real late.  The thought process did not involve whether it was a score or not, it involved complete-incomplete at that point.  So, I just let it go to preserve timeouts and take the points, knowing that we'd go up by 12 and I felt like that was going to be enough.

(on if Ahmard Hall would have scored a touchdown if he had challenged the call)

Yeah, it looks like it could have been overturned.  He got his hands underneath the ball and he rolled over, then I didn't look at the TV tape, but there could have been, you never know, but there could have been a goal line shot that showed him with possession and crossing the plain with the ball before he was touched down by contact.

(on if he thought the referees missed anything on Ahmad Bradshaw's touchdown run right before halftime)

Looking at (a potential false start), it was too close.  I think a no-call was the correct call.  They could have called holding there on a couple different instances, but we needed to attack that run a little differently than we did—a little better than we did.  I think we could have turned that ball back inside and made a play for no-gain.

(on what is enabling Will Witherspoon to have the success he's having with recording sacks)

We're not blitzing an awful lot, but when we are he's been clean.  On one of his sacks, he wasn't a designated blitzer, he became an adder—is what we refer to.  He's got the back, the back blocks and then he adds the rush.  He's used to that, he's experienced and he's got a good sense of timing.  He's been a good blitzer wherever he's been.

(on Jason McCourty's injury)

I'll have that information for you on Wednesday, we're still doing some tests.

(on if McCourty might need surgery to recover from the injury)

There is potential to surgically correct, but at this point we don't know.  Now he could have came back in the game, he was prepared to—he was casted and could have come back into the game yesterday if need be in an emergency situation.

(on how he feels about Alterraun Verner potentially being thrust into the starting lineup at cornerback)

I have no problem whatsoever with Alterraun playing in our secondary starting at corner.  He had a great camp, he played well yesterday, he makes plays, he was really close to two interceptions in the game and so he'll be productive.

(on what makes Alterraun Verner different from last year's rookie cornerbacks)

He's different.  He's a football player, he's instinctive and he understands.  He can play either side, left or right and he can play the nickel at this point.  He's very intelligent, very competitive.

(on if they'll look to add another cornerback if Jason McCourty is forced to miss time)

I haven't ruled him out at this point, but in the event that he has to sit a week then we don't have any problem with numbers.  We've deactivated some healthy, good football players right now, so one of them could stand in and help.  If that were the case one could step up and help us on special teams.

(on William Hayes)

He played hard.  I don't think he was where he would be had he not had the injury, but he played hard and was effective, he chased, he got quite a few plays, he was a factor in the run game and good pressure in the passing game.

(on Tony Brown's injury and if he will continue to play despite missing practice during the week)

It's not affecting his production, but he had a late season procedure and the wear and tear can take its toll on him.  So we're hoping he can overcome it and get back on the practice field on a consistent basis.

(on how the Titans defense performed Sunday against the Giants)

We can play better, and we have to play better—we have to play better this week.  We're facing a more explosive offense this week than we did last week.  No. 1 in the league in total offense and second in the league in passing offense in the league after three weeks is quite impressive.  So we have to play better.  We were very close to making a number of plays, they did a good job of scheming up some things—that one long play to the tight end, we should have checked coverage but we stayed in it and we learned from it.  Clearly we have to play better, but we made plays when we needed to make plays, and made different types of plays.

(on how Derrick Morgan did playing on the opposite side of the defensive line)

He's a little more comfortable on the left, but he was very effective.  He flashed; he had good pressure on the right, some excellent chase plays.  He's unlike a lot of guys that can just play one side or the other, he can play both, but I think he's a little more comfortable on the left, but it won't take him much to perfect the right side.

(on if Derrick Morgan will continue to play on that side of the defensive line)

We'll play him on both sides.

(on his confidence in the Titans' passing game)

Nothing to do with our confidence in our quarterback, it had to do with the game plan—trying to get the run game going.  That was our approach.  We won, put 29 points on the board against a good defensive opponent.  Every week is different, every opponent is different, every challenge is different.  It's not our preference to throw the ball 16 times and run it 40 and win 10-7—that's not our preference.  We want to score as many points as we can.

(on if he's concerned about Chris Johnson's workload and if he might miss practice time this year in an attempt to rest his body)

No, not at all.  I have given some thought to getting Javon (Ringer) some more carries early in the ballgame because he's been very effective for us, but that would be the only consideration.

(on if he can sense opposing defenses relaxing when Chris Johnson leaves the game)

That's not the sense I get.  I mean we're switching backs to give him a break and Javon (Ringer) is making big plays for us.

(on if he's tempted to throw the ball more with defenses loading the box to stop Chris Johnson)

Yeah, but we've played three games now and all three teams have loaded the line of scrimmage but they've done it differently—people take different approaches to it.  We didn't know what to anticipate out of the Giants, we knew we were going to get them heavy on the line of scrimmage but we had a different type of defense.  It took us a little time to adjust because once we recognized what they were doing, we adjusted and we got it going—that's just part of it.

(on the Denver Broncos and the challenges they present)

They are very well coached, their offense is different, their scheme is different, they've got different run schemes, protection schemes, their passing game is very, very precise, they've got a quarterback who can make all the throws and makes very, very good decisions.  The ball is out before the receivers get in and out of their breaks, so that's going to be a huge challenge for us.  On the other side of the ball, they've had some injuries—they didn't anticipate Champ (Bailey) playing, I guess he played yesterday.  He is one of the top corners in the league.  They play hard and go to the ball and they'll challenge you.  They're not afraid to pressure or challenge you, so it's a completely different opponent—a very talented opponent.  An opponent that had difficulty in Jacksonville, which most people do, then of course, playing the Colts the way they did, I was very impressed.  This is a much improved football team despite the injuries that they've had.

(on if Cortland Finnegan is targeted by the officials for his style of play)

No, you'll be called if you violate the rules then you'll have a personal foul.  But they're not going to call a personal foul on you, if you don't have one.  With that one yesterday, that was in an effort to make the tackle—there wasn't anything cheap about that, it was an effort to make the tackle.  I can't blame Jason (Babin) on his either because he was just trying to get to the ball carrier.  We just have to be more aware that we have to avoid those situations.  I think there is a lot to be learned from this game, a lot of good but some other things that happened that we can get corrected that will be a great learning experience for us.  I think the younger players having to go on the road for the first time understand what it's like and the challenges associated with staying focused and avoiding distractions and playing well on the road.

(on why Chris Johnson has been getting so many carries for little or no gain)

Yeah, it's a function of what's happening.  We started the game out and they decided to bring both of their corners and their corners came on the first two plays of the game.  When they do, there is always slanting and penetration and games and we gave up penetration and CJ got caught in a cutback.  He also had over 100 yards and made some big plays, but there is going to be some negative runs with how we're trying to do things.

(on if Marc Mariani is close to returning a kick for a touchdown)

He's had good returns since the preseason.  The good thing about Marc is he's consistent.  He's got a chance, he has that knack or ability to push the ball up around midfield and it seems like he's done it just about every week.

(on if Marc Mariani usually gets the most out of his kick returns)

Yeah, he reads very well, he's decisive and patient.

(on what is fact and fiction regarding the reports that there was more to Vince Young's benching than was originally reported)

You know what is fact is that it was two games ago now.  We had a game between that.  He came back, played well last week and we've moved on.  That's what's fact—that is the only thing that I'm concerned about.

(on the passing of legendary quarterback and former Houston Oiler George Blanda)

Obviously our condolences go out to the family and friends of (George Blanda).  I've met him several times; I was kind of—not overwhelmed, but just awestruck by him.  When I met him at a younger age here with the organization, I was very, very impressed with him.  He led the '60 and '61 Oilers to the American Football League Championship, and really got this organization started, got it off the ground.  Mr. Adams and everyone associated with this organization should be forever indebted to his accomplishments and his commitment to this organization.

(on Kenny Britt) **

He's not having any issues, he's coming along, he's getting the opportunities—he's making the plays.  That was a great timing throw and catch in the end zone.  That's the way you design them, both catches of Kenny's yesterday were tough catches and he had good concentration.  He's getting open, we just need to get him the ball a little more and give him opportunities to use his legs because he has very, very good run after catch skills.

(on his decision to shave his beard)

Yeah, I left it in New York.

(on how defensive line coach Jim Washburn fared in his first game after injuring his leg)

You know, it was a hard week for him.  Just dealing with the pain and coming in and out of the meeting rooms and the practice field.  You can imagine the task getting on and off the aircraft and hotel, but he did a great job communicating—was on the headsets.  Fortunately he was able to look at the jumbotron and we communicated well with him. Each week is going to get a little easier on him.  The first week is certainly going to be the hardest, but he's here, working hard and getting ready for the next challenge.

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