Coach Fisher's Monday Practice Report


(on if he is ready for the regular season to start)

No, it's an important week for us.  We have a lot of things to accomplish inside, we're getting people back—they're healing up to be able to play, they haven't played yet this preseason.  It's an important game, we have some tough decisions ahead, we've got some younger players that can make or break their opportunities this week on special teams.

(on if Cortland Finnegan is healthy enough to play)

He's back on the practice field.  Today he did pretty well, we'll continue to push him through the week with the expectation that he probably can play.

(on if he's happy with the overall health of the team so far)

Overall I think everybody has a chance to participate in a preseason game that we basically came to camp with, so then of course everybody has a chance to be healthy for the regular season.

(on what he says to or notices from young guys with cuts upcoming)

Not necessarily, I visited the situation with them prior to the game and after the game.  It makes no sense in dwelling on it, you just have to go out, relax and play.  Their reaction to the final cut down is part of the evaluation process.

(on what Jason Jones has shown thus far)

He's got all the strength back from the surgery, he's added weight, he's more explosive than I think he's been in anytime in his career here.  So, with that being said he has a chance to make a lot of plays for us.

(on what Jones is especially good at)

For a tall guy, he's got a good center of gravity, he's very balanced, he's on his feet, he's not on the ground and he's got long arms.  If you've got long arms you can separate, you can separate in the run game, separate as far as the pass rush.

(on how long he expects to play the starters)

I think we'll play them most of the first half, some may go into the third quarter. 

(on if he wants to see anything from Vince Young that he hasn't already seen going into the final preseason game)

No, I mean he's focused out here today.  He understands that we are going to carry some concepts into the game that we haven't taken into a game thus far and he has a good feel for them.  Just go out and do the same things he's been doing: make good decisions, use his legs and put points on the board.

(on how valuable it is to have Stephen Tulloch be able to stay on the field in passing situations)

Well it just shows you his understanding of the system.  Last year it was Keith (Bulluck) and D.T. (David Thornton) for the most part, then when D.T. was down Tulloch got the opportunity and he's much more comfortable with it now.

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