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Coach Fisher's Monday Minicamp Report





(on Gerald McRath suspension)

This morning we were notified by the league office that Gerald McRath is going to be suspended for the first four games of the regular season for violating the league's drug policy as it relates to performing enhancing drugs. I have been aware of the situation. I'd say that it didn't come as a surprise because Gerald has gone through the appeal process and really all we can say is that we feel like we go above and beyond as far as teaching the players their responsibility as far as what they put into their bodies. Gerald, like most of his teammates, are very, very conscientious about it. There are situations where even though you think you are taking a product that is safe, often times there are contaminated batches. With that being said, we are still pulling together some information. The league's decision is final and we will be without Gerald. We are going to continue to educate our players as far as that program is concerned. It has come as somewhat of a surprise today as far as what we are going to do at the position; we have plenty of options as far as the position is concerned. We have great competition. We have guys that have played so we have plenty of time to get that thing sorted out.

(on how disappointed he is in McRath)

Well, I'm disappointed in the situation. We will still try to get as much information as we can. I believe in my discussions with Gerald that there was nothing intentional. This is one of those cases where you can get your hands on something that appears to be safe that the label is accurate as far as all the ingredients are concerned but there is a contaminated batch. His process will be on-going as I imagine he will explain to you. We're disappointed. Any time you lose a potential starter for four games, it is an issue, but we lose players because of injury and players step up. We will be prepared when the season starts to address it

(on whether it is the steroid policy)

It is that policy.

(on whether it affects David Thornton's position on the roster)

Well David is certainly still in our plans. Again we have options. Tully's [Stephen Tulloch] thing is going to get worked out. He signed his tender this morning which is a good thing. This situation is going to get worked out. We have Spoon [Will Witherspoon] here who is having a great offseason. Colin Allred has played out there. Jamie Winborn has played out there. Kegs [Stanford Keglar] has played. We have options and as I have said all along I'm still watching the Keith Bulluck situation. I have not changed on that. We have options and fortunately we have plenty of time to deal with that.

(on the Vince Young assault incident)

I know Vince just spoke with you recently. I'm disappointed. He has taken responsibility for it. I'd like to think that he has learned a lesson, that he has no business making the decision that he made. Obviously, he has to deal with those consequences. I can't comment any further. The league will look into it. The commissioner is very strict on these types of things and I'm sure we will hear from him after we get more information. Again Vince knows this. He is walking on his own on this one. This is a decision he made. It was not a good decision. He is not one that typically does this. Again he put himself into a bad situation and we will just move on.

(on whether he is expecting a suspension to be placed on Young)

I can't answer that question. I'm sure that league will look at this situation, look at all the facts, and then make a decision.

(on whether there will be team discipline)

I'm not going to go into that as well. I never go into those situations.

(on Vince Young commenting that he wants to be a leader earlier in the offseason and whether this changes that)

Becoming a leader is a process. You just don't step and just take over a team. It is a process and throughout the process on occasions you hope there are not setbacks, but this may be a setback. In the long run, I don't think it is going to affect him. This football team is very important to him. What he is doing on the field is very important to him and winning games is of the upmost importance to him. He stood up and he is disappointed as we all are for the incident.

(on the rookie class and specifically Rennie Curran)

We are very pleased with the class. We got our corner Alterraun Verner back, our corner from UCLA, and LeGarrette [Blount]. Both of those guys were not with us. They came in this weekend and it was good to get them on the field. All and all everybody is here and they are working well and they are making strides. Rennie is a sharp young man, very talented, very athletic and in time will see the playing field for us.

(on changing the OTAs following the Ravens OTA mishap)

We are doing the same thing we have always done. I think the players enjoy what we are doing. We watch the time limits and we try to protect ourselves. We are working within the rules, working within the framework. I don't have a mandatory minicamp. We have OTAs. That is one of the reasons for our attendance because I chose years ago not to have a mandatory minicamp.

(on when he expects Stephen Tulloch to report)

All I can report is that he signed his tender today, which is the deadline. He signed his tender which is a good thing. I don't know how that affects whether he comes back or not.

(on Chris Johnson and whether he will be here with his camp coming up)

I'm excited for his camp. He has done a great job out there with the kids. From what I understand the camp has been very well received. There should be a lot of kids out there and I'm proud of him for doing it.

(on whether Vince Young was the only player at the club)


(on whether he has talked to Chris Johnson since the last OTA)

I have not, but we will eventually get together.

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