Coach Fisher's Friday Training Camp Report


(on the excitement of the home game tomorrow)


It's good for everybody in the stadium. For all the employees it's an opportunity to get back on your feet and work the kinks out. From a staff standpoint this is unique in that we don't have tape. We don't have tape on the opponent. From the standpoint of preparing we carry a general game plan in and just be ready to adjust.

(on if the team gradually game plans more as the preseason goes on)


What we have on the practice field and what we do in the game don't parallel one another. We've got a lot more in on the practice field than that of which we use in the game. You add a little bit each week but we're doing things now that we obviously won't show as move toward the regular season.

(on the status of the kick returners)


We'll look at the same guys we looked at last week. It's doubtful that Chris Davis will play so Ryan Mouton and the rest of the guys will get another opportunity.

(on if the running back depth chart will change behind Chris Johnson and LenDale White)


No, we'll probably stay with the same. Again, our hope is that we get enough carries this week to where we can get everybody involved.

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