Coach Fisher's Friday Training Camp Report


(on the contract situation of Kenny Britt)

Things are moving along. It looks like things are falling into place around him, I'm optimistic. Before practice I visited with Mike (Reinfeldt) and he felt like things were moving, so I'd say we have a decent chance of having him out here tomorrow.

(on if there is a verbal agreement on the contract with Kenny Britt)


(on if Kenny Britt is in town)

I know where he's at. You guys won't find him, but yes, he is.

(on the first day of training camp)

The weather is good. It was a good first day. We got a lot done this morning in the meetings and I thought it was a good start. We're reintroducing, reinstalling offense and defense so we didn't have a lot this afternoon, but we got plenty done so it was a good first day.

(on if there was any carry-over from minicamp)

The conditioning level was good. It was quiet and they're focused. They realize they've got to take advantage of every rep. We don't have necessarily the normal number of reps prior to our first game. If they're not taking the rep physically, they're getting it mentally so it was a quiet and focused practice.

(on Jevon Kearse going through the entire practice)

We expected him to come back. We didn't anticipate any problems with him. We had a lot of reps in practice today and he'll probably be back in the next day or so. We put on active PUP (physically unable to perform), Kevin Mawae.

(on the situation with Rob Bironas)

He has a slight pull or something.

(on the training camp schedule not including as many two-a-days)

No, we don't have as many two-a-days because we've got a game coming up. We're going to get the work done. We'll get done what we need to get done.

(on the players seeming excited about fewer practices)

We hope it is a benefit to them. We'll find out Sunday night and Monday, they may not be that excited a week from Monday and Tuesday. The design is to get ready to play a ball game.

(on LenDale White's physical condition)

I think most everybody came in, well, everybody came in and made their weight and they came in, in good shape.

(on the defense possibly being ahead of the offense on the first day of training camp)

When you install initially in the first couple of days you don't have a lot of offense in, so you're installing base concepts in. Defense should make the sure plays. As we begin to put more and more things in, we'll start attacking the defense.

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