Coach Fisher's Friday training camp report




(On the condition of the players coming back to camp)

Yeah they left in good shape and came back in good shape so we didn't have any issues. We went through our conditioning tests this morning and were very pleased with the results and obviously it carried over into the practice field today.

(On relief of [Albert] Haynesworth's return)

Well it's a good situation for everybody. We're all very pleased with the resolution and now can put it behind us and get ready for the season. Albert will be on the practice field tomorrow and it will all be behind us.

(On importance of Chris Johnson practicing as soon as possible)

Personally, I can't concern myself with who's not here. I'm very confident that this thing is going to get done quickly, you know, Mike [Reinfelt] and Vinny [Marino] and Steve [Underwood] are working very hard at it. We feel like it's close, I'm sure Mike's talked to you about it. So as soon as it's done he'll come out and well get him caught up. He's a bright young man who picks everything up, he understands the offense. I'm sure he does not like missing practice but that's the business side and we'll get him out as soon as we get things done.

(Difference in Vince Young's approach/confidence level)

He's much more comfortable with what he's doing even though we've put in some significant changes this offseason. He's worked at it, he came in this week and was eager and anxious to get started and we had a good first day. We're going to continue to add and he's going to continue to learn. But the subtle things and the work that he's done with both Craig [Johnson] and Mike [Heimerdinger] are carrying over now and on the practice field and it's showing with the production.

(On how good the team is right now)

We're undefeated right now. That's about all I can tell you. It's an anxious football team, we feel like we have depth and we'll just have to wait and see.

(On if the veterans have stepped up more so this season)

Well we noticed that several years ago particularly because we went out and got some key free agents, namely Kevin [Mawae] and Chris Hope and David [Thornton] and Kyle [Vanden Bosch] and they had a big effect on the club a couple years ago. We've got the younger players that, now, everybody understands how to do things. That creates a situation where you mature quicker and so far this offseason, we've seen nothing but a very mature, determined football team.

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