Coach Fisher's Friday training camp report


(On how he expects to divide the playing time between quarterbacks)

All three of them are going to play. Vince [Young] will go with the starters, probably into the second quarter. Then Kerry [Collins] will go and then Ingle [Martin].

(On the playing time of the backup quarterbacks)

It really depends on the number of snaps and the success of drives. It's hard to say you're going to get so many plays because drives are hard to predict.

(On his excitement level for the game)

Well the guys are very excited. We finished a very productive couple of days of practice with the Rams and now they're excited to go out and play ball. The first preseason game is always the best of the four because it's the first of the four and you're expecting good things to happen.

(On Ingle Martin playing in a live game)

We expect him to do well. He has a good understanding of what we're going to do. Fortunately for him he's going to be surrounded by some pretty good people. We have depth along the offensive line and a good group of receivers around him who'll be able to make plays for him.

(On if his philosophy has changed about the number of quarterbacks to keep on the roster)

There's a lot to be sorted out as far as the roster is concerned. A lot will be determined by how effective Ingle is, and Ingle could have a great preseason for us and our roster wouldn't allow us to keep three [quarterbacks]. Those are decisions we'll make down the line.

(On which positions are most competitive right now)

Most of the competition is going to come in the area of depth. Obviously, we have a number of good receivers and we can't keep them all. It's going to be important for guys to make plays and do the right things and get open and do the things they've been doing in practice. But those decisions will be hard. The running back position also, we have depth at the running back position and unfortunately we can't keep them all. I'm sure when the preseason is underway that will speak for itself based on how we expect them to run.

(On how the Rams practices helped in terms of preparation)

They're going to understand their opponent. They've lined up across from each other. But it's hard to predict what's going to be done in the ballgame. They could call 60 different defenses tomorrow that we haven't seen, so that's why you have to be prepared for everything.

(On how vanilla he keeps the game plans)

We add each week but we want to watch them play and execute. We aren't going into this ballgame trying to out-scheme somebody. We're going in trying to execute.

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