Coach Fisher's Friday Practice Report


(on Dave Stewart)

He's coming along. He didn't practice today. He'll be listed as no practice, questionable.

(on Dave Stewart hurting his hamstring)

Hamstring's a hamstring. What you risk is further injury.

(on other options if Dave Stewart can't play)

Right now we're expecting him to play. If he can't play, we've got a number of guys that can go out there and play.

(on if the winds are a factor on the passing game at Candlestick Park)

It's not as significant as it is most other places. I think it's a little misleading, especially this time of year. The weather is supposed to be good. It swirls. It's not a prevailing wind it's just a swirling wind.

(on if the quarterbacks will be able to throw the ball in the swirling wind)

It's not prevailing. It's not one of those things where you take the wind or kickoff and do those kinds of things. It just swirls.

(on why teams have trouble traveling east to west)

It's hard to say. I addressed that earlier in the week with our team. We've played some good teams recently going out there. Those clubs out there are not winning all of their home games, so people are having success.

(on if he has a better idea of who the returner will be)

Yes, I do.

(on if the same guy will return punts and kicks)

The same guy will do both, yes.

(on if it will be Alvin Pearman or Chris Davis)

Yes, it could be either one of them.

(on Chris Davis)

He had a good week. They both had good weeks. Chris had a good week. He's in shape, as is Alvin.

(on Gerald McRath)

He knows what to do and how to do it. If he gets the opportunity to play he'll be prepared. It will just put a little strain on his special teams responsibilities.

(on David Thornton)

I listed him as no practice, questionable. I think he's got a 50/50 chance at playing.

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