Coach Fisher's Friday practice report




(On the countdown to training camp when he was a player)

I think things are different now. I think camp is different than it was back then. Training camp, for decades, was designed to get you in shape. Early on you read all the stories about guys having other jobs. It was like a six or seven week long thing with two-a-days everyday; you just worked, because the off-season programs weren't the way they are now. In our off-season program, if you get everything accomplished, your team is in good shape. You don't do the level of contact or the number of hitting practices, so it's different. I still think training camp is training camp. I think there's that sense of anxiety that starts to set in when it is a couple of weeks away. You start crossing days off; suddenly you have your last Friday and then your last Saturday of freedom and then you show up and you go.

(On if there was a personal dread for him heading into training camp when he was a player)

No, it's just what you did. I tried to go in with the rookies every year because it was a place to sleep and a free meal.

(On ending the last practice early)

I thought we had a great offseason; they've worked and done everything that we've asked. I felt like they deserved a little treat. We had three or four periods left and it is something we can pick up in July.

(On what he saw from quarterback Vince Young over the last couple of weeks during the OTA's)

I think today tells the whole story; his eyes downfield; picking up the receiver downfield and his accuracy in the plus territory. His footwork today was excellent and only missed a couple of throws. He was very accurate in the one-on-ones and placed the ball where it needed to be placed.

(On worrying about off the field issues between now and training camp)

I think they are fully aware of the potential for problems. They have to be smart when they travel. We encourage them to rest and have some fun, but you have to be real careful; our experience has shown you can lose a player at a family picnic. You just have to be very, very careful. We talked about that, and discussed that. I am confident that their heads are on straight. The important thing here is to not take a step backwards and keep moving forward.

(On what his expectations for 2007 draft class' contributions in 2008)

We are starting to see it, especially out of Antonio (Johnson) and Jacob (Ford). They have come out of nowhere, even though we are not in pads, they have come out of nowhere. Mike Otto has done a great job of swinging both sides. We are seeing that out of everyone; the two young receivers, we are seeing them making plays now. We feel like they should be able to contribute; all indications are that they will.

(On the self expectations held by second-year players)

You expect to see significant improvements from year one to year two. I think it is always the case when players step into their second year. They understand it's time. I think when they grow and mature is in the offseason. We've had a great program (OTA's)

(On the success of last year erasing the talks about this being a young team)

We reached one of our goals last year and that was to make the playoffs. Obviously, we've set our sights higher this year. Regardless of whether they are young or old, we have a team of consistent players that have higher expectations. I think that's all that matters.

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