Coach Fisher's Friday practice report




(On the rookie defensive lineman)

Athletically, they are everything and more than we expected out of them. It is very hard to rush to conclusions without the pads on. But they are very athletic and they understand what we are doing. Everyone is anticipating the day that the pads go on so we can see what they can do. Both have a chance to be very good players.

(On David Stewart's intensity at practice)

He likes to finish plays. He practices the same way he plays and is a lot like Kyle (Vanden Bosch). He likes to finish plays and every once in awhile he is going to take that last little shot and in the heat of battle it is not appreciated sometimes.

(On the young defensive players not pulling back when they get to the quarterback)

What they are doing right now is learning to practice without pads and it is a hard thing to do, especially when your coach is breathing down your neck to do the best you can to collapse the pocket, but you have to understand that you have to keep the pocket clean and protect the quarterback. They have some things to learn as far as that is concerned.

(On DE/DT Jason Jones being used on the interior of the defensive line)

He's got good hands and can rush inside. He is flexible enough to move around, but we are trying to get him comfortable with one spot right now.

(On Chris Johnson's development)

He is not having any difficulty running. We have a lot of different things that we are going to do with him and he has picked it up just fine. He is a very instinctive inside runner as well. He can make the jump cuts; he can do all those things that good instinctive runners need to do. In addition to that, he can do everything else.

(On what he hopes the team can get out of the final OTA's)

We still have a few things yet to install; we have some situational things to go through. We are going to fine tune next week. All of the systems will be completely in and all the young players will know what to expect during training camp. We are going to continue to emphasize conditioning in everything we do and then they will have their break and come back. This is a very well-conditioned team; probably one of the best we've ever had. So we are going to continue with that and they will continue with their pre-camp conditioning and come back ready to go.

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