Coach Fisher's Friday practice report




(On the progression of Chris Simms)

He really enjoyed the opportunity to prepare himself to play knowing he was going to play and did a nice job preparing. From a practice standpoint his arm has really improved since his arrival. I think his arm's maybe better now than it's ever been because of the work that he's put in.

(On if Simms will be considered in figuring out the quarterback situation after the season)

Yeah, he's definitely a very, very strong consideration. We'd like for him to be part of this program.

(On the plan for the weekend)

The players are excused now and they'll return Monday mid-morning.

(On his message to the players)

The message is clear. We've earned the opportunity to have a couple days off so use it wisely, rest, take care of yourself, enjoy the ball games. As we said, there's 20 teams that have gone home, there's 12 left. When [the players] come back Monday there will be eight left, four in our conference and that's a great opportunity for us.

(On if players can pick up on things watching a game live)

It's hard to say, you'd have to ask them. They'll typically watch the ball or watch the same position they're playing or watch just to see who wins the ball game. I don't know how much detail [they can pick up]. We'll give them much more detail here when they return.

(On playing the first-team offense against the first-team defense in practice)

We've been ones against ones all week. That was our intention, just to make it as competitive as we could.

(On if he liked the intensity level of practice)

Yeah, they're competing. We've had three good days.

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