Coach Fisher's Friday practice report




(On how the Colts play against bigger running backs compared to smaller ones)

They do a good job. I think the statistics are really misleading. Watching them play, they played very well against Jacksonville and Jacksonville's going to crease just about every defense. I thought overall they played well. As I said, I think this might be the quickest team that they've had in years. They're very quick and for what they may give up in size defensively they certainly make up more than enough in quickness.

(On if the Colts rushing numbers being down is due to injuries to Joseph Addai)

I don't think it necessarily has to do with Addai, it's just that they've been behind in some games and defenses have dictated that they throw it.

(On various injuries)

We just backed [Nick Harper] down today because of the surface. He'll be probable. Kyle [Vanden Bosch] did not practice. Justin McCareins did not practice. Tony Brown did not practice. They'll be listed as questionable and [Justin] Gage practiced the whole practice.

(On if he held Tony Brown out of practice also because of the surface)


(On the absence of Reynaldo Hill)

He was excused, he's sick.

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