Coach Fisher's Friday practice report




(On if Eric King has to start in place of Nick Harper)

Well, he's done fine. Whenever he's filled in for us on defense, he's made plays. He's done fine. He still plays special teams.

(On the status of Jason Jones)

He's day-to-day. He's improving but has not improved enough to play this weekend.

(On if Kevin Vickerson will fill in for Jason Jones)

Yeah, he'll step up just like he did last week.

(On why Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew have not been able to run the ball as well as last year)

Well, a lot of it has to do with their offensive line and the difficulties due to injuries early in the season. But it's coming back, their line has really settled down and is playing well.

(On if Chris Simms' arm strength is improving)

Well, the injury prohibited him from doing a lot of things. But he's healthy now and his arm is getting much, much stronger and he's working very hard inside as well.

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