Coach Fisher's Friday Practice Report


(on Vince Young's injury status)

Vince was limited practice, and he is questionable.  It will probably be a game-time decision.  We'll warm him up and see how he does.

(on the rest of the team's injury report)

(Tony Brown) is full practice, probable.  Kenny Britt is no practice, out.  Ryan Mouton is full practice, questionable.  Chris Johnson is full practice, probable.

(on if Vince Young was sore today)

No, he took most of the reps yesterday—half the reps, and we just backed him down today.  He did take some starter reps; we'll see how he is before kickoff.

(on if it's unusual to back a player down on a Friday practice)

Not when he's trying to rehab an ankle.

(on if Vince Young's chances of playing on Sunday are better or worse than they were Thursday)

No, he has a good understanding of what we're doing.

(on if Vince Young's ankle is something that would prevent him from getting extra work after practice)

Vince took some starter reps in practice, and he will be a game-time decision.

(on if Vince Young got the majority of the starter reps today as he had said yesterday he expected him to do today)

He did not.  I said he took some starter reps, but he was limited in practice.

(on some of the different things they did with Tony Brown to help get him back on the field)

Tony had the orthoscopic surgery and was dealing with some swelling, and when you're dealing with swelling you deal with a loss of quad strength.  Basically what we did is we got him on the field, got him pushing sleds, changed his exercise routine, increased his hip flexibility—those type of things.

(on how Randy Moss' first week of practice with the Titans went)

He has a good understanding, I think, of just about everything we're doing.  I think he's got a real good chance to play.

(on Randy Moss' chemistry with the Titans' quarterbacks)

I think had it been anyone else but him it might have required a lot more work, but because of his talent level and his experience he has a real good feel for where he needs to get to.

(on Randy Moss getting some extra work with Kerry Collins after practice)

We hadn't had a chance to work some of the routes during the normal practice sessions this week.

(on why David Thornton didn't practice today)

We backed him down.  He was a little sore after yesterday.  We want to get him a real solid week next week before we make our decision.

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