Coach Fisher's Friday Practice Report




(on the impact Aaron Kampman has made on the Jaguars)

Well, production is the main thing, he's made a lot of plays, he's already got good sack numbers thus far this year.  He's just a real active player, he plays very hard—he's a good run defender, good pass rusher.  You have to pay particular attention to what he's doing as a pass rusher.

(on if Jacksonville is still a rival or if it's more of a whole division rivalry)

We're in the division now, and it's a great opportunity to win a division game.  Both teams know each other very well, obviously there is a great deal of respect for one another and we've just got to play hard.  As far as the rivalry, we've got them throughout the division—all three teams are very challenging for us.

(on Alterraun Verner saying his success is due to the number of questions he has been asking in meetings and if a player can ask too many questions)

No, I don't think you can ask too many questions.  He wants to know, the difference is that he listens to the answers.  That's why it's carrying over to the field.

(on if there is any concern about the body clock of the players, with them usually playing on Sunday as opposed to on Monday like they are this week)

That's a good question.  Right now we have to remind them that it's Thursday, today is Thursday for this football team.  So you have to think twice about what you're doing, and that really includes the coaches.  Then of course Monday is a long day, I mean it is a long, long day, and as a result we change our schedule and we pick up meeting times to kind of tie up some of the time.  That's the one thing about the Monday night game is that it's a long wait.

(on when he first noticed that Alterraun Verner wasn't a typical rookie)

It was rookie orientation number one, and then as soon as he got back for the OTA's.  I think the vets noticed it right away too, he was just making plays.  He lined up and understood what we were doing despite the fact that he had the commitment with the semester and graduation thing.  When he came back he just made plays, and he made plays within the scheme and that was very impressive.

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