Coach Fisher's Friday Practice Report




(on the Titans injury report)

Mike Otto, no practice-out; Jacob Ford, no practice-out; Tony Brown, full practice-questionable; Cortland Finnegan, no practice-probable; Jason Babin, full practice-probable.

(on if William Hayes is on the injury report this week)


(on if Cortland Finnegan just needed a day off to rest)


(on the differences between William Hayes and Jacob Ford)

He (Hayes) is a heavier player.  At the end of the day, the end result is the same; he's a good rusher, he's a very good run defender.

(on if playing Peyton Manning all of these years helps them prepare to play his brother Eli Manning)

The schemes are different.  There are some change of plays on the line of scrimmage, but not to the extent that there is with Indianapolis.

(on if there is much similarity between Peyton and Eli Manning as quarterbacks)

The offenses are totally different.  The similarities are that both of them are very accurate.

(on if he's been surprised at the number of quarterback changes being made throughout the league this early in the season)

Yeah, it's already starting to garner some attention around the league, but I don't pay much attention to it—people are trying to win.  You know?  There were a lot of battles in training camp, and the one who won the battle may not have been as productive as they would have liked, so they made a change.

(on if the number of quarterback changes seems higher than normal)

I think you'll see some things settle down a little bit, but yeah unfortunately over the years we've lost some marquee quarterbacks over the season so there are always those changes.  When you've got a lot of starting quarterbacks changing addresses during the offseason, I don't know how many off hand, but maybe six or eight.  When you talk about Donovan (McNabb) leaving and Jason Campbell leaving and so I think that plays into the equation.

(on if injured defensive line coach Jim Washburn will have to coach from the coaches box until his leg is healed)

No, he's going to be on the sideline.

(on if having Washburn on the sideline might pose a safety issue)

I would anticipate him spending most of his time in the bench area.

(on if he is glad it was windy at practice today)

You know, we know what to expect up there—we'll adjust.  If there is swirling winds, you always have to expect wind up there in that area, but you don't know how the new stadium is configured.  It wasn't an issue in the first game.

(on how Vince Young looked this week in practice)

He had a really good week, finished up real strong today.  He made real good decisions, threw the ball with accuracy and is ready to play.

(on if he's happy with the team in general going into Sunday's game against the New York Giants)

Yeah, they're focused.  They've had a good week; they're focused and are ready to play.  We'll make a business trip tomorrow.

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