Coach Fisher's Friday Practice Report




(on Kevin Mawae announcing his retirement from the NFL)

Kevin had a great career.  The middle part of his career he was one of the best centers in the league, all the way through the end.  It's just a privilege for us to have had him on the team, on the roster and contributing like he did and we wish him well.

(on if Mawae still had some years left in his career)

Yeah, I believe so.  But you have to admire those guys that walk away on their own terms, and that's what he did.  It's time to move on with the next chapter in his life, and he walked away on his own terms.

(on what Mawae brought to the Titans in terms of leadership)

He was an experienced veteran that was very well respected.  He played hard; he had a great work ethic which you would expect from someone who played that long.

(on if he still expects Will Witherspoon to play against Oakland on Sunday)

Yeah, we have not ruled him out.  We have: 66, Mike Otto, is out with a knee; William Hayes, questionable-knee; Colin Allred, questionable-ankle; Tony Brown, questionable-knee; Jacob Ford and Justin Gage are probable, Leroy Harris is questionable-ankle.  The only person who is out for this game is Mike Otto.

(on if he's remained in contact with Witherspoon this week)

Yes, he will be in tomorrow night.  Mr. Adams has graciously allowed us to use his plane to pick Will up and get him back, hopefully in time for meetings.

(on if he has any advice for the rookies about Sunday)

No, they've gotten plenty of advice.  Now the players just need to understand the books, and rest and take care of their bodies.

(on if he feels confident about his cornerbacks regardless of who gets the start opposite of Cortland Finnegan)

Oh yeah, I feel good about the starting lineup all the way across the board.  I feel good about the depth as well.

(on if he anticipates Oakland using a spread offense in which both McCourty and Verner would be on the field together)

We have to adjust to everything.

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