Coach Fisher's Friday Practice Report




(on the practice week)

This is as good of a practice week as we've ever had. They were really into it and playing very well inside and out, excited about playing.

(on if there will be a walkthrough tomorrow in Seattle)


(on if he'll disclose the location of the walkthrough)

I'll disclose it. The University of Washington is going to allow us to walkthrough in their indoor facility.

(on Tony Brown's knee injury)

He's just having trouble with it, a great deal of swelling prohibited him.

(on if Tony Brown will have to have his knee cleaned up at the end of the season)

Like many of the players that will have early offseason cleanup routine things.

(on Tony Brown's season)

Well, the last couple weeks he was slowed by the knee. I think he was deserving of being selected as the first alternate to the Pro Bowl.

(on if Tony Brown has been the most productive defensive tackle this season)

They all have played well. Tony, because of his experience, has probably made more plays then the rest of them.

(on how Tony Brown's injury affects the pass rush against Seattle)

We'll have other players in there that will have to get it done. We've rushed ends before in passing situations.


(on if Dave Ball may have to play tackle)

We have three healthy defensive tackles and that's not an unusual rotation for us.

(on Justin Forsett and Julius Jones)

Forsett's got great quickness and Julius has good quickness. Julius is a stronger runner than he is. Forsett would be more along the lines of a (Darren) Sproles type of back.

(on quarterback Seneca Wallace possibly getting playing time)

It changes some things, but I would expect to see him anyway.

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