Coach Fisher's Conference Call to St. Louis Media





(On what he thinks caused the turnaround after going 0-6 and then winning the next five games)

"There were a number of things. I think the bye week came at a good time and I think we got some people healed up. We got a lot accomplished during the bye week and they took some time off and came back and we kind of committed to ourselves that we were going to start the season over and we did."

(On if he thought they hit rock bottom after the 0-59 loss to New England)

"No, you have to put it into perspective and we did, but it was not time to throw the towel in. It was time not to depress, but to work harder and do the best and kind of commit that we were a good football team and we can't let those things happen. I was really proud of the guys. They hung in there, they got away, they came back, they were really anxious to get back to work and we got on that streak. It was good. Now, they've got to recommit themselves to trying to put another streak together."

(On if he is still trying to make it to the playoffs this year)

"We've discussed it, but there are a lot of things that need to happen. Our focus has been and it has always been just one week at a time and we had a good run there. We had five real fun weeks and last week we really thought we had a chance and things didn't work out. You put that behind you, you correct, and you move on."

(On how much of a factor QB Vince Young has been in the turnaround)

"I think everybody's play has improved and Vince certainly has had an impact. He's played very well. C.J (RB Chris Johnson) was off to a really good start and C.J.'s play has had a lot to do with it. I think the defense healing up had a lot to do with it and Vince's numbers were good. The things he was doing for us on third down, he was using his legs, and making good decisions. Vince has something to do with it, but it was also the case where the entire football team just improved."

(On if there has been anything different about Young this time around)

"Vince is now in his second year with (Offensive Coordinator) Mike (Heimerdinger) and that has been a huge difference for him. The experience, backing up (QB) Kerry (Collins), preparing himself to play week after week last year was real important to him. I think it was valuable. His commitment he made to the offseason and to training camp and the fact that he knew he was a play away from playing early in the season, I think all of those things contribute to his improvement. When he got the opportunity, he took advantage of it."

(On if he has seen Vince Young mature as a professional)

"Vince was 18-11 as a starter before we had our moment last year in the opener. He'd won games for us, we've gone to the playoffs with him, and I think this was just an opportunity for him not only to look back and reflect, but also to settle down and take advantage of the time to try and get better and to fully understand how to play the position. And not to try and take the team on your shoulders all by yourself, but just to let the team play and take care of your own responsibility."

(On the season RB Chris Johnson is having)

"I think the numbers speak for themselves. He is a very talented young man. He's got excellent speed and quickness. He loves to play and he prepares very hard. When the season was over he was disappointed in having to leave the playoff game with the high ankle sprain and not being able to participate in the Pro Bowl. He committed himself to getting better after such a fine rookie year. He has done that. He's got good players around him and everybody is contributing towards the success of the run game, and that includes the receivers, tight ends, fullback, and offensive line. He is special. He can really go and it has been fun to watch him play."

(On if they thought Chris Johnson would be able to take on the workload he has taken on when they drafted him)

"We weren't concerned about his durability. He was a physical player in college and have never been concerned about his durability. He's got a unique way of bouncing around. He'll take hits, but he absorbs them. He's not punished and he does a good job in traffic getting down when he needs too."

(On how he has survived as a head coach this long)

"Every year is a new challenge for me and I am very fortunate to be surrounded with terrific people and people that are committed and unselfish. And it all starts with Mr. (Bud) Adams who is a great owner and understands this business and understands there may be a lean year or two for whatever reason, for injury or what have you. It seems like it has flown by, but every week is a challenge and every new year presents a new challenge."

(On how he avoids coaching burnout)

"As long as you are doing something you like to do, there is no chance of you getting burned out. It is when it is no longer fun. I think that is when the problems start."

(On what kind of challenges the Rams present, especially with RB Steven Jackson on offense)

"I think the Rams are a much improved football team, specifically the last five games. They have been in every game, including the one they won against Detroit. I see a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm in all three phases. The return game is a challenge for us. I think they are playing good special teams. Their defense every week is playing different. They are aggressive, they run, they finish, and of course offensively, you've got a quarterback (Kyle Boller) that is accurate, is mobile, and is not afraid to put the football down the field. He uses the play-action game well and it all spins off the running back. He (Jackson) has had a great year. Very impressive to watch him play week after week after week with consistency."

(On if he can believe it has been 10 years since Super Bowl XXXIV)

"It has gone by fast, but at the same time it seems like it was 10 years ago."

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