Coach Fisher's Conference Call to New York Media


On the defensive issues… **

The player-coaching issue has been put to rest. That basically is strictly (a) result (of) frustration. This is a good football team and when you're not winning games, you expect them to be frustrated. But, those are things that you take care of on Monday, so we don't have issues. We've got a great locker room. We've had some breakdowns. We've had some people with some eyes in the wrong place trying to do too much and we hope that we can fix (it). It's still early. I've got a talented secondary that's got a great deal of pride. They'll do whatever they can to make sure that we stop these types of big plays.


On his relationship with Buddy Ryan… **

I was very fortunate to be with Buddy for 10 solid years, five as a player and five as a coach at Philadelphia. (I) obviously got to know him very well. (I) got to know the boys at a young age. (I) knew full well then that they were coming from a football family and were football guys who were going to be successful. (I'm) just really pleased to watch their success over the years at different places, coordinating at different places (and) then for Rex's opportunity. We had some great battles over the last few years against his defense. I'm just really excited that the Jets family gave him an opportunity.


On Rex's personality in comparison to Buddy's… **

Rex is all man. I think there are some similarities in that Buddy believed in doing things his way and I think that's the case with everybody. We're all given this one great opportunity and you have to take advantage of it. You have to believe in your philosophy and it's clear that Rex does. I'm really fond of the way he's handled things. It's unusual in the NFL as an assistant coach to take over a program that is so talented. He got that opportunity and then the moves he made this offseason, what he's done with his staff and everything. They're on the winning track. It's just unfortunate that he's in our conference.


On the Jets defense… **

It's very well coached. The Baltimore defense evolved over time and there was very little turnover. For them to come in this quick and have them playing the way they are, is very impressive. They're very well coached. They're athletic. (They're) secondary is exceptional. They cover well. They pressure. They're fearless and playing with a great deal of confidence. (It's) a very difficult defense to attack.


On Chris Johnson… **

He's got good vision. He's a good football player. Often times you come across good college players with track speed and often times, they're track guys playing football. Chris is just a football player with track speed. He's got speed, quickness and he's shown over a short period of time that if you get the ball in his hands in the right place, he can go the distance. That's unfortunate for us and him that his performance last week has kind of gone by the wayside, kind of disappeared. Certainly, I doubt it disappeared in the Jets defensive meeting room, but I think nationally our loss and the Texans win kind of overshadowed his achievements in that ballgame. They were very impressive, at least the production, the run, and the things he did in that ballgame. **

On if this game is a must-win game… **

No. I have had two must-wins the last two years. One was in San Diego in the playoffs and the other was here against Baltimore. We're a football team that is just trying to improve right now. You classify this game as a must-win and you make it harder on yourself. We're trying to improve. I can put the coach's spin on the last two games, we lost on a field goal. (We're) one or two plays away from being 2-0, but we're not. We just have to continue to improve as a football team. Unfortunately, we've been down this road before with slow starts, but we'll pull out of it.


On Darrelle Revis… **

He's playing really well. We knew that. We had very solid grades on him coming out. We knew he was going to be a solid player. You can tell that two things have happened since last year. One, he's had a great offseason. Two, he's with a system now that he can really show what he is capable of doing. When you are playing against real good players you just do your best. He's going to become a shut-down guy. We have to play team offense. The quarterback has to make good decisions and people have to make plays.


On if he is surprised by Mark Sanchez's performance so far… **

(I'm) not surprised. I expected him to do well. We graded him as closely as the Jets did, but we didn't have a need. We do evaluate everybody. I am very impressed by the way he handled himself out there with the offense. I'm not surprised whatsoever. He is making good decisions, (has) very good pocket presence. I'm really impressed with how he handled the pocket and the things that he did in both games. Against Houston, he was very impressive. They've done a good job in surrounding him with good players and a sound offensive philosophy. He's only going to get better.


On if the Jets are keeping Sanchez on a tight leash… **

No, they're 2-0 against two very good defensive teams. It's difficult to go out and open on the road. He looked like a six-year veteran out there in Houston. Last week he understood where his problems were, what his challenges were. He held the game very well.


On fending off the team's concern with an 0-2 start… **

You give them two options. You can sit here and panic and quiver with an upset stomach or you can go out there and get better. It's pretty simple. This game should be fun. You have to put the loss behind you and move on. You carry a great deal of respect into the next week for your opponent and focus on your gameplan. You take it one day at a time. It makes no sense to sit there and worry about those things. You just have to go out and try to win a ball game. I think the most important thing early in the season is that teams improve. Despite the fact that we gave up way too much in the passing game, I saw some improvement in other areas of our football team, which was satisfying. That is what we are trying to do.


On how his tenure and stability helps the current situation the team is in… **

The fact (is we've) been in this situation before, not that it's fun. You can go back to previous years and some experiences that you drew from. For example, back in 2002 we started off 1-4 and we won 10 out of the next 11 and went on to the championship game. Seven or eight weeks into it I was asked numerous times what we did different. Well, I didn't do anything different. If you come back and say you did A, B and C different, they'll come back and say why didn't you start with that? No, you have a philosophy and stick with it. Believe in it and wins come. One of my all-time favorite teams was the 2006 team that started off 0-5 and missed the playoffs by a game. I've never been around a better locker room than that 0-5 team because they believed in what they were doing. So, you sell that belief.


On Kenny Britt… **

I was really pleased with Kenny, especially in the opener. You can imagine, Kenny is the second-youngest player in the NFL and he was given the opportunity to start in the opener against Pittsburgh. He just came out there and nothing bothered him. He stayed out there and was focused and had a productive game. He is off to a great start. He has tremendous potential in this league and should be a very good player for us.

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