C Ben Jones


Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020

# # #

(on the rhythm of the offense in the first half)

Maintaining drives is key in the league and we were just trying to stay in rhythm. Things just didn't and we left some things out there in the second half that we wish we could have back. We just have to move on, and you have to have a short memory in this league.

(on not being able to get the push needed after being backed up after the goal line stand)

We get the first, first down and we're going for the next one. When we get there, we have third-and-one and we take a chance, but not all chances work out. We're trying to make plays every time. We're not a cautious offense. We try to make plays all the time and the Colts got us.

(on making mistakes on drives and how that can kill a drive)

You have to eliminate drive killers, penalties, false starts and anything like that. We have to be smart on those. You want to overcome those, but a lot of those are hard to overcome.

(on having a longer break to get healthy)

Get healthy and try to get in your best mindset because you know you have to make a run now. That's what this season is about, you have to play your best ball in November and December.