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Blog: Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendar Photo Shoot


Go behind-the-scenes with the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders as they shoot their 2014 swimsuit calendar at the Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village in Destin, FL.

VIDEO UPDATE: Day 1 | Wrap-up - Day 3 |


Back Home!By Stacey Oswald, Titans Online

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders are officially back in Nashville after an amazing trip to Destin, FL. Every day brought new adventures, and we got some really fantastic shots for the upcoming swimsuit calendar. We can't wait to start reviewing the pictures and putting the calendar together for y'all!

Our last day of the photo shoot brought about a perfect end to a perfect trip, probably because we spent most of the day on the beach! The morning shoot featured Stephanie, Brittni, Mariel, Whitney, and Jocelyn, all in shades of blue and white. The sunrise accompanied with the beautiful beach of the Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village provided us with the perfect backdrop for our shoot. The rookies really brought it, while the veterans wowed us with their professionalism- we were impressed!

Breakfast and lunch were provided by the Grande Vista Bar & Grill, which so graciously fed us every day of our stay. It was always great to come back to the Charter Room after a long sunrise shoot to find a delicious array of fruit and muffins waiting for us!


Our final evening in Destin was split between PardiGras and our last photo shoot. Ashley A., Monica, Kiara, and Kendal were the last to shoot, but in this case, last certainly did not mean least! They were all stunning in red and looked fantastic both on the beach and by the pool. It was hard to believe that three of the four cheerleaders were rookies!

PardiGras, a Mardi Gras-themed event put on by the Emerald Grande, was a ton of fun for the cheerleaders, especially the ones who made an official appearance in uniform. They autographed calendars, took pictures with fans, and even did the Wobble on stage with some of the kids! This was followed by a parade, where all of the cheerleaders rode around HarborWalk Village on floats, tossing beads and having a blast.

Our last dinner was at the Crab Island Cantina, which was featuring an official "After Party" with the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders. It was an evening of great food, lots of dancing, and even some karaoke!

It was definitely sad to leave the Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village, especially after such a fantastic trip, but we know we'll be seeing them again soon! Thanks to all of our sponsors for treating us so well and GO TITANS!

Day 2 - June  3, 2013
By Stacey Oswald, Titans Online


We started our second day of shooting this morning on two yachts, the Innkeeper and the Cajun Crew, taking gorgeous pictures of four cheerleaders right as the sun was coming up. The shots turned out perfectly, and shooting out on the docks brought a nautical vibe to the location. Fox 10 News from Mobile, Alabama came out to cover the Titans Cheerleaders' trip to Destin, interviewing Anne P. and Katy. It was great to see how natural they were in front of the camera! In addition to Anne and Katy, Evony and Ashley P. finished their shoots this morning.

We finished up a bit earlier with only four girls in an easily navigable location, so much of the team went from there to the pool or the gym for some much needed relaxation. Lunch was catered by Tropical Smoothie and quickly disappeared due to some hungry cheerleaders and staff! A group of the rookies went to Harbor Launch, a big trampoline on the water in Harborwalk Village, later in the afternoon.  They had a blast bouncing and jumping in the water! Thanks to Harbor Launch for hosting the Titans Cheerleaders for their afternoon excursion.

From there, the cheerleaders split up into a group of five who had an evening photo shoot and the remaining 22 who went on the Buccaneer dinner cruise. Jessica, Brintley, Anne B., Heidi, and Chasity all went out to the beach for their afternoon/evening photo shoot, and it turned out wonderfully. The ladies looked great in their blue and white bikinis, and the shoot really captured the magic of the beach at sunset.

The Buccaneer dinner cruise was a fantastic experience for everyone involved! Eight of the cheerleaders arrived in uniform like they would for a typical appearance, and it was heartwarming seeing how excited all of the kids were to see professional cheerleaders! They took pictures with fans and also gave out autographed calendars. Jim 'n Nick's was served onboard, and everyone seemed excited to have time for a delicious meal! The dinner was followed by some dancing to the popular Wobble and the Cupid Shuffle-it was fun to let loose after so many intense photo shoots! Thanks to the Buccaneer for providing us with a great time!

We can't wait to see how our last day of shooting turns out!

Day 1 - June 2, 2013
By Stacey Oswald, Titans Online

Our first day of shooting at Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village was a success, from the beach to the pool to Harborwalk itself! Eleven cheerleaders shot today, and each one of them brought something different to their pictures. We also got some great shots of them in groups, having a blast together and looking gorgeous in the process!

Heather started us out this morning and looked absolutely stunning in blue.


Jena was next and gave us a sporty yet sexy vibe in her pictures!


Erica's jersey-themed bathing suit showed off her curves beautifully, and her pictures looked sensual and glamorous.


Tandra looked like she walked out of a Victoria's Secret ad in this hot pink bikini.


Rookie Brooke brought some Southern charm and innocence to her pictures in the water!


After the morning shoot, some of the ladies were able to take a yacht trip to Billy Bowlegs, which was a ton of fun. Most of the cheerleaders just stayed at the hotel to work out, shop, and prepare for the afternoon shoot. We're lucky to be staying at a hotel with so much to offer- between the restaurants and the shops, it's the perfect place for a big group with diverse interests!

The afternoon/evening shoot took place on the grounds of the hotel, whereas the morning shoot happened on the beach just a short pontoon ride away.

Stormi brought some American pride to our first shot of the afternoon.


Kristen looked sassy and nautical in her striped swimsuit. We loved the pictures of Stormi and Kristen having fun and eating some ice cream!


Yalea definitely brought the glamour to the afternoon shoot. She looked awesome!


We got some great pictures of all of the girls- Yalea, Heidi, and Anne B.-  in white bathing suits.


Rookie Hannah looked like a mermaid in her poolside picture.  Shooting at night definitely brought a different element to her shots that turned out quite well!


We can't wait to see what tomorrow brings - if it's anything like today, we're in for a great week!

On the Road - June 1, 2013
By Stacey Oswald, Titans Online

Today, the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders hit the road for Destin, Florida, in anticipation of their three-day swimsuit calendar photo shoot. While the bus ride was long, approximately nine hours, it was comfortable aboard the Grand Avenue charter bus. Plus, the Spirit Committee kept everyone entertained with icebreaker games and the like, making the bus ride pretty enjoyable!

We arrived at Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village around 6:00PM, got checked in, and got ready for dinner.

There was a small meet-and-greet with local high school cheerleaders at the Cabana Café, and the Titans cheerleaders genuinely enjoyed getting to meet all of their fans. This was followed by an absolutely lovely dinner, complete with live music and delectable salads. The service was great at the Cabana Café, and everyone left with a smile on her face!

Bedtime was early tonight to prepare for our first day of shooting and fun in the sun! We'll be giving y'all a more full report tomorrow about this exciting day ahead of us!

Go Titans!!!

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