Blakley excited to be back with Titans




(on what he remembers about being cut from the Titans in 2004)

It was a big letdown. All through camp I was doing well and I was thinking that this was going to be it and it wasn't, so it was tough.

(if that was the best training camp he has had)

Yes. Hands down that is the best football I have ever played.

(on what made him play so good during that training camp)

I don't know. Maybe it was timing. Maybe it was a little bit of everything, different circumstances. It was definitely a good time for me.

(on his role with the team for the upcoming season)

More or less blocking. I am a bigger-body-type guy and helping out in the play-action game and things of that nature.

(on his relationship with Mike Heimerdinger)

We have some familiarity. There is a little familiarity there.

(on if it easier to come to a new team with a former teammate such is the case with Alge Crumpler)

Definitely. It makes the transition a lot easier knowing somebody. We are both going through the same things, trying to figure out the best roads to take and things like that. It definitely makes it a lot easier.

(on how much Alge Crumpler can help the Titans' offense)

Obviously, he is a playmaker. He has three or four Pro Bowls and he is a great guy to have around. He can definitely bring a lot to the table.

(on how working with Michael Vick can help him when getting ready to work with Vince Young)

There is a very similar style of play between Vince and Mike. I think Mike [Heimerdinger] wants to do a lot of things with Vince that Atlanta did with Mike Vick in the past. There are similar things that can be done with both guys.

(on whether he has met Vince and how anxious he is to get started)

I'm very anxious. I haven't got a chance to meet him yet, but I'm very anxious. He is obviously a great player and it should be a lot of fun.

(on if he is surprised Vince Young is not at the facility)

I don't know. I have only been here for two days. I'm still trying to figure things out myself.

(on if he is a different player since his first stint with the team)

It has been four seasons, so I have learned a lot being around Alge [Crumpler] and just being around the league watching different guys play and picking up things here and there, a lot of it is blocking. Coming into the league, a lot of tight ends are not familiar with blocking. I think that is the main thing I have improved on is my blocking skills and techniques.

(on how good he is at blocking)

I'm not great, but I feel like I have definitely made some strides between my first time being here and obviously my first few camps in the league. I feel like I have made great strides.

(on how he kept his confidence up after being cut)

It was tough like I said. Mainly it wasn't really me. Basically I had hit the wall. My support group, parents and friends, just told me to keep at it and obviously I didn't have much time to sulk because Atlanta was on the phone before I even walked in the door in Missouri. I didn't have much time to think about it.

(on how it feels to be wanted by a team)

It is obviously a good feeling. I feel like I have worked at it. They always say work hard and things will happen. That kind of goes to show that I have preserved through tough circumstances. Playing in Europe, there were days that I said I wasn't going to make it, but obviously I preserved.

(on the potential rule regarding the length of hair)

I don't know what to think of it. I did see that on the Internet somewhere. It is kind of one of those things. My little phrase through it all is that I just work here. I kind of just fall into line.

(on how distracting it was to play in Atlanta last year)

It was tough. We knew it was going to be tough, but we had no clue it was going to end up like it did. We go into the offseason and we know he is in some trouble, but we had no clue the magnitude that it was going to end up like that.

(on whether he got sick of all the questions regarding the Michael Vick situation)

I'm sure Alge [Crumpler] could speak a little bit on this too. For all of us, training camp was tough and then you add that into the mix. It was a rough time.

(on how Alge Crumpler can help the team in the red zone)

He is a big help. Obviously, that is one of his strong points getting the ball in the red zone and scoring touchdowns. He has been to four Pro Bowls for a reason. He can obviously do those things.

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