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Bills Head Coach Dick Jauron's Conference Call to Nashville Media


On if he can think of another running back similar to Titans RB Chris Johnson:

I don't. None come to mind. He's just so fast and explosive. When he gets that step, there doesn't seem to be another person on the field that can catch him. We certainly have a lot of respect for him. We're working hard on trying to figure out what we can do to try to slow him down at all because it doesn't seem like that many people have success doing that.

On taking the right angle to get to Johnson in the open field:

I don't know that there is a right angle. He seems to outrun people's angles. He's just so fast and with really good balance. Obviously somebody like this you're just trying to get as many people around him as you can, taking the right angle and contain. That's not different than every team that's played them so far and tried. It's a lot easier said than done and he's just really a terrific back with a group of guys around him that are doing an outstanding job.

On if he's seen enough film on Titans QB Vince Young in the last two weeks and what has stood out on the tape:

He's been very productive and done a nice job of protecting the football. I think every team in the National Football League is very similar in their regard for the football. You have to take care of it. And when you don't, and we've experienced that, when you've given it away, we don't have a very good chance of winning. But when you protect that thing, you always seem to at least be able to stay in the football games. He's done an outstanding job there. He's got such a strong arm and obviously great athletic talent, but he's playing very well.

On the defense having 15 interceptions this season and how important it is to prepare for picks and getting in position to track them in:

I think there's a little of both. You've got to work. You've certainly got to work. And I believe that Perry (Fewell) and our whole defensive staff do an outstanding job of getting our guys ready, but that being said, the player has to make the play. And it's not easy. But I've always felt and with any time you intercept the ball it's a great play. It doesn't matter if it's overthrown, it doesn't matter if you make a great coverage and take the ball away, it doesn't matter how you get it, and it's a great play when you can take the ball away from any offense. We're happy that we've been able to do it and we've obviously like for it to continue.

On if he has ever been around a player like rookie FS Jairus Byrd who has a magnet for the ball:

I don't want to say never. I was lucky enough to work with Dave Brown late in his career who is really uncanny in that regard and had a high number of interceptions. He was a terrific player and a terrific student of the game. Jairus has a similar sense and he's got outstanding hand-eye (coordination). He's got great ball skills, so he puts himself in a great position through study and preparation and certainly the coaches do a good job with him and he's made the play when he's had the opportunity to. And that's a credit to him.

On preparing for the Tennessee backfield of Young and Johnson:

It definitely gives you problems because a number of other things come into play clearly with an athlete as good as Vince at the quarterback position and you've got to prepare yourself for option plays, for called quarterback runs whether they be draws or sweeps. You've just to be ready for all of those things and certainly any time he gets outside of the pocket and a pass play with such a strong arm, you have problems, too with his ability to get first downs, so it definitely adds issues.

On WR Terrell Owens not practicing today:

Really only that he didn't participate in our practice today and the issue is a hip strain. It kind of showed up, but he was very uncomfortable with it and we'll just have to see how that progresses as we go through the week.

On if it bothered Owens during the bye week:

It did not. He practiced on Monday and left the field and didn't have any issues. It didn't bother him at all. And then at the end of Tuesday, it started to bother him so hopefully that'll come around quickly but we won't know obviously until we get through the week.

On if he is worried about Owens or is it too early:

I don't know that any football coach anywhere is any different. You tend to worry about everything.

On how Owens has been in the locker room and as a teammate:

He's been terrific for us. I would say in every way, and I'm not in the locker room a lot, I don't not go in there, I go through there, I stop and talk to guys, but I'm certainly not as a player is. But as a teammate on the field, I see him all of the time. He's a tremendous worker. He's very professional in his approach and preparation. He's very focused on getting his work done and doing it right. He is communicating with the other guys. They talk football on the field, they discuss things and clearly he does with the receivers and the quarterback. So he's just been really good for us. Unfortunately we haven't been as successful as we'd like to be or need to be and we haven't done enough offensively to put up the numbers, not just for him but everybody. We're working on it. But he's been really outstanding.

On if it's been good for Owens being in a smaller market in Buffalo:

That's clearly something you'd have to ask him…. Football wise it's just been terrific.

On if QB Trent Edwards is back in the saddle for Sunday


On Edwards' transition this year:

He started off very good. We were moving the ball offensively and then in the third game we just kind of fell off a cliff and haven't been able to produce since then. Then he came upon the injury, so we're looking forward to getting him back in there. We like what Fitz (Ryan Fitzpatrick) did for us. We love having Ryan as our backup, he's a really good competitive guy, but we're looking forward to giving Trent a shot and we've done some different things with our offense starting just when he get hurt, starting in that game, so hopefully those will help him and help us be more productive.

On how much the bye came at a good time:

You certainly hope so. Whenever the bye is, you just have to make the most of it. I can't remember having one at the halfway point in quite a while. It seems like ours come significantly earlier although year to year it's hard to remember even a year ago. You get so involved in the year you're in. whenever it is, you make the most of it. Would much rather go into our bye with a victory than off a defeat, so in that sense it wasn't a good time. But that's the way it goes.

On Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell:

I think Perry's done a tremendous job along with that whole defensive staff. I knew Perry. He and I worked together in Jacksonville, so I've known him for a number of years and I have a lot of respect for him, for his work ethic, how he relates to the players, how he handles game days, organization, just a really good person and family man. Very, very happy to have Perry Fewell.

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