Behind Enemy Lines

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Behind Enemy Lines: An Inside Look at the Texans


NASHVILLE, Tenn. —The Titans aren't in the playoff race, but the Texans are now in the driver's seat in the AFC South.

On Sunday, the Titans hope to derail Houston's plans.

The Titans (3-11) are coming off a 33-16 loss to the Patriots, while the Texans (7-7) beat the Colts 16-10 to take control of the division.

This week, I caught up with John McClain, who covers the Texans for the Houston Chronicle. You can follow John on Twitter at @McClainonNFL.


Wyatt:** Hey John. Right out of the gate, who will the Titans face at quarterback on Sunday – Brian Hoyer or Brandon Weeden?  

McClain: Asking me now, I believe Brandon Weeden will start, and he'd be the fourth starting quarterback for the Texans this year. As far as we can tell, it is unprecedented for a team to start four quarterbacks and still win a division, and that could happen. Hoyer didn't clear the protocol last week, and they were hoping he'd clear it this week. But it's his second concussion in 27 days, and coach Bill O'Brien said Monday they'd have to see how he did with the test. So they signed B.J. Daniels off of Seattle's practice squad, and he has been a Kordell Stewart type he's been a quarterback and a receiver. But they've said they are going to play him at quarterback, and if they are going to do that, then that means they have a pretty good idea Brian Hoyer is not going to be back. One of the best things this team has done is take all these back-up quarterbacks they played four last year, started three and finished 9 and 7. And right now they are 7-7 and they've taken all these guys who were back-up quarterbacks and helped them play well enough to win. T.J. Yates came off his couch and threw the game-winning touchdown to hand the Bengals their first loss, and then he beat the Jets. Then he went back to the bench when Hoyer came back. Hoyer goes out and Yates starts again and suffered a season-ending ACL injury, and then Brandon Weeden comes in…So they've done a great job maximizing strengths and minimizing the weaknesses of a bunch of back-ups forced to start.

Wyatt: Weeden came off the bench to guide Houston to a critical win over the Colts. How unlikely of a hero is Weeden, who was released by the Cowboys earlier in the season?

** looks back at the all-time series against the Houston Texans. (AP Photos, Donn Jones)