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Ask Jim: More Questions as Falcons Come to Town





The Titans return to Nissan Stadium on Sunday to take on the Falcons.  

Let's open some mail to help pass the time …    

Joseph Hoang from Stockton, California

Question: I have been a loyal fan for over twenty years now, and it kills me seeing my favorite team losing week after week. When are they going to start getting serious? I have followed the Titans back from when I was in Texas but now that I reside in California it's not worth contributing in buying NFL Pass and Titans jerseys anymore when they clearly cannot please the fans.

Wyatt: Hey Joseph. Not much I can say to this other than to keep the faith. It hasn't been pretty, there's no getting around it. The Titans have won just three times in the last 21 games. I don't blame you for being disappointed, and upset. But you have to agree the team has a promising young quarterback in Marcus Mariota, and some pretty good young talent to build around. The team needs to find a way to win, and build confidence. I'm not saying you should go broke buying Titans gear, but maybe hesitate before turning your back. Brighter days are ahead.  

James Smith from Great Falls, Montana 59405

Question: Love your coverage! I went to college in Nashville in the late-70's (grew up in Louisville), and have a bro-in-law with Titans season tix, which is nice! Been in Montana since 1991 thru the Air Force. My question is this:*    **Could you print out the jersey schedule for all the games? I go watch at a sports bar and have authentic White and Navy Titans' jerseys (Marc Mariani, since he's a Montana player). Please pass on to the Titans' website to put this schedule up each year; I've tried numerous times to find this out! Thanks!  *

Wyatt: Hey James. Thanks for the email. Like you including your zip! Shows me you're proud of where you come from, which is great. I'll say this about the uniform colors: Make sure you are following me on Twitter (@jwyattsports) because I reveal the uniform color each week leading up to the game. I'm just going week to week now, but I'll give you a sneak preview of what's coming up here. The Titans will be in navy on Sunday vs. the Falcons, and they'll be decked out in white in back-to-back road games against the Texans and Saints. That's a good three-pack of clues, huh? Take care.  

Marge Barrows from Paris, Tennessee

*Question: Thanks for the opportunity for fans to voice their opinions and get feedback. I would like to hear your thoughts on Coty Sensabaugh. I feel that his lack of making plays has cost us the win the last three games.*  

Wyatt: Hi Marge. Thanks for the question. It's fair. Like a lot of guys, Coty has had his share of ups and downs. He gave up a deep ball in Cleveland, and he was also victimized against the Bills. But let's not forget he's made some plays as well. He has two interceptions, which leads the team. He'll be challenged this week. With Perrish Cox out, the secondary will be tested.  

Charles Scaife from Memphis

Question:*Hey Jim. I love the work you have done so far for the the articles are really informative for the fans. I have learned a lot more about the team with you on board. My question is with David Cobb coming back in a few weeks which backs do you feel are going to be released, traded, or be inactive for the rest of the season? *  

Wyatt: Hey Charles. Appreciate the email. Cobb is practicing, and I expect him to be added to the roster when he's eligible next month. I also suspect running back Terrance West will be the odd man at some point. The Titans have a number of running backs on the roster, and the Titans traded a conditional pick for West. Right now, he hasn't played in enough games to warrant the team sending a draft pick to Browns for him. So if he's cut soon, the Titans won't be on the hook for a pick.  

Jeremy Raymer from New Brunswick, Canada

Question: *Watching the team lose this latest game in the way we did was a huge letdown. In watching and reading the player interviews on how they handle losing so often at home it seems that a common theme in the answers is, "Well it's our/a job." I know that there are more than a couple of Titans that are showing an inner fire and desire to win on the field, but it seems to me that there are also more than a couple of Titans who are just doing "their job." Jim, from your viewpoint how is the locker room culture as far as the desire to excel vs just doing enough to get by? I remember Bernard Pollard used to preach on "punching them in the mouth" and defending our home turf when other teams come to our home field. Sadly, we haven't seen much of that in the past few years. I used to think the media was being a little hard on the team, but now I'm left wondering ... has our team lost that desire to win? Is there an undercurrent in the locker room of just collecting a paycheck and "doing a job?" Last time I checked it was a privilege to play in the NFL. Have a few rotten apples spoiled the barrel? Or is it something else? Thanks again, Jim, for the work you do! *  

Wyatt: Hey Jeremy. Thanks for the email. I understand the frustration. It's been a brutal stretch. But I can guarantee you this: No one is mailing it in, and no one has lost the desire to win. Slack off in the NFL and you'll be out of a job. The Titans have some hungry players on the team, but right now the team just hasn't been able to figure out how to close out games. The team simply blew games against the Colts and Bills. As for the locker room, compared to a few years ago, the environment is much better. The bad apples have been plucked out. And there have been some "me" guys in the building in recent years. Guys are getting tired of losing. There's no doubt the team needs to win a game to keep guys from souring early. Something positive needs to happen. Maybe it will be Sunday.  

Isaac A. Martinez from Bakersfield, CA

Question: Hey Jim. First time writer here and it is not a question. It's more just sending my luv and prayers out to brotha Brian Schwenke! Hope for him to have minimal amount of pain as possible in a hopefully speedy full recovery! Let's get #62 back better than ever. Thank You for your time. TITAN UPP!!!!!! ~ Isaac Andrew Martinez  

Wyatt: Appreciate it, Isaac. I'll pass the kind words on to Brian. He's a popular guy. His teammates love him. He'll be happy to hear he has support in Bakersfield.    

Jon Kerlikowskw from Franklin, TN

Question: Hi Jim, enjoy reading you each and every day.*My question is about our offensive line, not so much about the players, but scheme and coaching. There has been several plays over the course of the last games where rushing/blitzing defenders come untouched right past one of our offensive lineman who is double-teaming a different defender. One such instance involved Chance Warmack against the Dolphins. Is this poor communication by the linemen themselves, bad protection call by the quarterback, or just bad scheme? I also don't understand why the Titans don't give help with a back or tight end when a tackle is struggling like our right side was against the Dolphins. I have heard the coaching staff does not like to chip/help, but isn't this being too stubborn when help is obviously needed? Keep up the good work, thanks for keeping us informed.  

Wyatt: Appreciate ya, Jon. Believe me, you're not the first guy interestes in the responsibilities of the offensive linemen. There have been some shaky moments up front, no doubt. Seven sacks allowed against the Browns, and six against the Dolphins -- that's way too many. It's hard for me to pinpoint who was responsible or certain plays, and who's at fault. I'll say this: Against the Dolphins, right tackle Jeremiah Poutasi was beaten in individual matchups on numerous occasions, and in other games guys have flat-out been beaten off the snap. You're right, there have been some communication issues as well. Those things happen with a young line, and on Sunday the team will be playing with two rookie starters in Poutasi and center Andy Gallik. As for the chip question, I hear ya. I've heard that one a few times as well. The coaching staff has operated with the mindset of guys are paid to do their jobs. In the future, it wouldn't surprise me if we saw more help in the form of chip blocks when a guy is struggling.      

David Garcia from El Paso, Texas

Question: What the hell is Whiz thinking? He should have pulled Marcus immediately after his injury. The game was just about lost at that point. Besides, we have a very capable backup. His play calling was horrible, offensive line gave Marcus zero protection, etc. I think it's time for the organization to move!! So long Whiz.  

Wyatt: Oh man, David. May want to ease off the hot sauce in El Paso.

Julie Crenshaw from Newport Beach, Ca

Question: Is new offensive lineman Joe Looney good? The Titans desperately need to protect Marcus Mariota. He is a great QB but needs protection and not get swarmed within one second or he won't last all season.  

Wyatt: Hey Julie. The Titans worked him out earlier this season, and when Schwenke went down he's the guy they called upon. He won't be the starter, however. Gallik's the guy at center.  

Kenny Gore from Horse Cave KY

Question: You never answer my questions so I won't look for this one in the "Ask Jim" section this week. My guess is they are too hard to answer..... Anyway. Against the Dolphins we (lost) to a guy that was very concerned about "Throwing up all over his shoes" in his first ever game as a HC. Doesn't this show that the time for change is NOW?? Whisenhunt is not playing his game. In the seasons he was successful he passed downfield frequently to a big WR in (Larry Fitzgerald). We have such a guy that is rarely seeing the field. DGB. He saw some time vs Miami and seemed to do VERY well for a rookie. I hold no hope for this season at this point. Why not get DGB as many reps as possible and get his rookie bumps out of the way for next year?? I know this seems like a bad attitude for a fan. I have been a fan since before the team came to TN. I have NEVER seen our team play a game with less heart. Even in the New England 59-0 route we at least played football. I cannot even tell you what they did vs Miami, but it was not play football.  

Wyatt: OK, Kenny, I got your question, or statement, in. No one is proud of what happened last week, I can assure you of that. As for DGB, look for him to play a lot more this week. The coaches are going to do this just for you because I told them you're a little upset. But seriously, hang in there.  

Greg Irish from Novato, CA

Question: It seems as if the Titans are trying to emulate the Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins look of the past decades by wearing white at all home games.*Will we ever see them wear blue for the remaining home games?  

Wyatt: Hey Greg. Titans will be in blue on Sunday for the second straight game, and you'll see more navy blue down the stretch. Yes, they wore white all last year, but the only reason they wore white in the first two home games this year was to be in light colors for the warm weather games. They weren't trying to make a fashion statement, I promise.

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