4th Grade Student from Franklin Takes Bulluck to School



November 10 is a day that 4th grader Anna Stout from Franklin, TN will never forget.

Stout was the proud winner of the NFL's "Take a Player to School" contest. Standing in front of a school-wide assembly of her fellow schoolmates, teachers and family, Stout introduced Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck to 717 students at Bethesda Elementary in Thompson Station.

Bulluck arrived at the Stout residence on Tuesday morning to meet the family, have breakfast and take Anna to school in a stretch limousine. When they arrived at Bethesda Elementary, the school cheerleading squad and Anna's homeroom class lined the entrance to welcome the two.

Bulluck was then welcomed into the assembly with chants, cheers and a pep rally worthy of a rock concert. The cheerleaders had prepared a special performance for Bulluck and wore his # 53 on their shirts. Bulluck talked to the kids about his daily life, growing up in New York, what it takes to be an NFL player and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to include proper nutrition and exercise.



"It was exciting. And exciting," Stout said. "My stomach had butterflies in it. I was like 'oh my gosh.' I can't explain it. It was just so exciting."

Stout and Bulluck then joined her homeroom classmates for their PE class and led them in a round of physical activities from relay races to dancing, that were both educational and fun, as part of the NFL's Play 60 program.

After many autographs, photos and numerous hugs, Bulluck departed the school before lunch, giving Anna one last wave from the limo they arrived in.

"I thought it was cool to be able to see the excitement on her face when we drove up," Bulluck said. "I think it was cool for all the kids to have that experience, especially Anna. These are the kids she goes to school with every day and to be able to bring this gift to her classroom is a lot of fun for her.



"The message I hope I helped deliver is that it's important to get outside and be active and healthy. Spend at least 60 minutes a day exercising, because I think a lot of kids these days spend a lot more time inside than outside. So I was just trying to emphasize the importance of getting outside and playing and running around and eating healthy."


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