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My Cause My Cleats | Tennessee Titans -

Cornerback Tye Smith

Cornerback Tye Smith

Cause: Metro Nashville Public Schools
Shoe size: 11 1/2

Titans cornerback Tye Smith wants to do his part to help kids in the Metro Nashville Public School system.

He's partnered with ABC Food Tours, which was started up by a friend.

He'll bring attention to the cause with his cleats.

"It's a tour-based group that started in New York," Smith said, "where we go to (low-income) community schools and we take the kids out to exercise and go eat at neighboring restaurants."

Smith said he wants to help make a difference in the lives of those who need it. He partnered with ABC to host a Thanksgiving dinner for 210 kids last month at Buena Vista Elementary School.

"Just to try and make an impact on kids and try and be there to help them experience something outside the classroom," Smith said. "Exercise is important but also taking them to food places and helping them learn how to eat healthier foods is important."

My Cause My Cleats Unboxing Day - Tye Smith

Titans cornerback Tye Smith sees his cleats for the first time on My Cause My Cleats Unboxing Day.

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