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Tackle Taylor Lewan

Tackle Taylor Lewan

Cause: The Chris Long Foundation (Waterboys)
Shoe size: 14

Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan wants to make a difference in an area he believes is overlooked.

A few years back, Lewan was approached by long-time defensive end Chris Long to help him his efforts in an endeavor called "Waterboys."

Lewan got involved, and it's his cause for My Cause My Cleats.

Waterboys unites NFL players from across the league in service. As Waterboys, players team up with fans in support of a single shared cause: providing clean, accessible drinking water to communities in need.

"I always do it with Waterboys," Lewan said. "I think in America, and especially in First World countries, we definitely don't have a sense of what it is like to really struggle, whether it is having food or water. Clean water in America is pretty easy to obtain. So it is important that you just don't just help out your area but you help out all over the world."

As one of the 'Waterboys', Lewan wants to raise awareness and encourage donations that supply communities in need with clean, accessible drinking water.

"That's always important to bring awareness to these things," Lewan said. "There's a lot of things I am a part of now in Nashville that I would have never even thought to be a part of until I was exposed to it, and people sat me down and talked to me about it. So being a part of the community is a really important thing."

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