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My Cause My Cleats | Tennessee Titans -

Quarterback Marcus Mariota

Quarterback Marcus Mariota

Cause: Tennessee Valley Healthcare System
Shoe size: 13.

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota wants to shine some light on his aunt – and on all women who have bravely battled breast cancer.

Mariota's cause is Breast Cancer Awareness, with a nod to military veterans.

Mariota has chosen to work with and honor the local Tennessee Valley Healthcare System, which provides medical care to military veterans living in Middle Tennessee and Kentucky.

Mariota's aunt, Ula, battled breast cancer.

"I have an auntie that is in the military and she is serving, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer," Mariota said. "She is in remission right now, which is awesome. And that is what is the focal point of my cause, my cleats."

For the second year, students at King's Way Christian in Vancouver, Washington competed to win the cleat design contest. Students designed four different pairs of cleats.

Mariota has invited eight female military veterans who are currently battling breast cancer, and their families, out to a Titans practice. The group will also attend the Titans vs. Texans game on Dec. 15, which is the team's designated My Cause My Cleats game.

"So it will be really cool," Mariota said. "For me, it is showing support who has been there for me my whole life, and just trying to give her a little bit of shine, a little bit of light. I am blessed to say that she is in remission and we're looking forward to her continuing to heal."

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