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Linebacker Jayon Brown

Linebacker Jayon Brown

Cause: YMCA Community Action Program (aka YCAP)
Shoe size: 13

As a youngster growing up in California, Jayon Brown learned a lot of life lessons at the YMCA.

Now, he wants to give back to kids who are starting their own path, in the YMCA.

Brown's cause is the YMCA Community Action Program (aka YCAP), which his recently-announced MVP Program is a part of in Nashville. The student Y-CAP program helps at-risk and underserved youth in the Metro Nashville/Davidson County area achieve the brightest future possible by closing the opportunity gap.

"I am just trying to give back, and be a good role model for kids," Brown said. "If I can help them by having an experience with a football player coming in and talking to them and hanging out with them, great."

The goal of Jayon Brown's MVP Program is to encourage middle schoolers in YCAP to be motivated students, supportive classmates and live a healthy lifestyle. Each week, Brown works in conjunction with the YCAP faculty to identify one student that exemplifies the core principles set forth in the 55 Game Plan. That student receives four tickets to the Titans' upcoming home game.

"I lay out a game plan for them, which is to be a good student in the classroom, listen to your teachers and do your homework, make good choices and live a healthy lifestyle,'" Brown said. "And I compare my life to theirs – I have to learn the playbook each and every week, be a good teammate, listen to my coaches, be coachable, I go home and watch film, be healthy and work out and play football."

Each week, Brown spends time with the kids, and challenges them to be better, and to learn from their mistakes. Brown started going to the YMCA in Long Beach, California, when he was in elementary school and continued doing so through middle school.

During his visits to the YMCA in the Nashville area, Brown takes pictures and selfies with the kids, signs autographs, and just hangs out.

"I went to the YMCA when I was younger, and I felt like it was a good program," Brown said. "So I want to do my part to give back."

My Cause My Cleats Unboxing Day - Jayon Brown

Titans linebacker Jayon Brown sees his cleats for the first time on My Cause My Cleats Unboxing Day.

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