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Tight End Delanie Walker

Tight End Delanie Walker

Cause: Delanie Walker Gives Back Foundation and Everytown
Shoe size: 15

Titans tight end Delanie Walker has been very active in the Nashville community since joining the team in 2013.

Through the Delanie Walker Gives Back Foundation, he's made a difference in the Music City and back home in Pomona, California.

And through his work with Everytown, he wants to make a difference across the world by spreading the news about the importance of gun violence.

Two cleats, two causes.

Walker established the Delanie Walker Gives Back Foundation to provide inner city and low-income children with the educational opportunities and resources to reach their full potential and beat the odds.

"My foundation is important to me because it pretty much helps the inner-city kids in the state of Tennessee and also where I came from," Walker said. "It means a lot to try and get some money so I can do things for the kids like back-to-school drives and dentist visits and pretty much anything I can do to inspire these kids."

On one of his cleats, Walker will bring attention to his foundation. The other shoe will shine light on his efforts with Everytown.

On the Everytown cleats, the names of victims of gun violence will appear. Walker has never met them and has no connection, but he wants to honor these names with his cleats as part of his partnership with Everytown.

"Everytown is important to me because is about gun safety," Walker said. "Obviously we have been having a lot of school shootings and stuff like that so if we can prevent that by teaching people how to protect their guns and keep them locked up, that should be important to anyone."

My Cause My Cleats Unboxing Day - Delanie Walker

Titans tight end Delanie Walker sees his cleats for the first time on My Cause My Cleats Unboxing Day.

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