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Defensive back Chris Milton

Defensive back Chris Milton

Cause: Edith Marie Foundation
Shoe size: 12 1/2

Titans defensive back Chris Milton lost his grandmother to breast cancer.

But she remains in his memory, and he'll honor her with his cleats.

Milton's cause is the Edith Marie Foundation. It's a foundation started by his family to honor a woman who was dear to everyone.

"She was a strong person, and she battled cancer for about 10 years on and off," Milton said. "She was one of my definitions of a warrior, a person who never gave up. She always fought."

Milton wants to pay respect to cancer patients everywhere. And he's proud to say the foundation, which was started roughly four years ago, is helping.

"The foundation is helping breast cancer patients with their daily expenses, paying a bill or taking them to doctor appointments and things like that," Milton said. "Just some things to let them know that are not going through it alone, and that there's people who want to help, and that care for them."

When Milton saw his grandmother's face on his cleats, he said it nearly brought a tear to his eyes. Edith Marie passed away in 2016.

"I almost got emotional," Milton said. "They're definitely nice."

My Cause My Cleats Unboxing Day - Chris Milton

Titans cornerback Chris Milton sees his cleats for the first time on My Cause My Cleats Unboxing Day.

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