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WR Zay Jones


Did you know you caught that touchdown as soon as---?

All I know—did you see my reaction? I felt as though I had it and then I was nervous because I'm like, 'We're getting in the huddle and nothing's—no one's going to stop it?' And then Cam Robinson did a good job of saying, 'It doesn't matter, we've got to focus.' And I was kind of like, 'Nah, that was a touchdown.' But we got the call so it was all good.

How big was that sequence right there? I mean you get the turnover on the other end, you go catch him and then you go get the ball.

Yeah, I mean it's the momentum swings--you know, situations, getting the ball, capitalizing, scoring, getting the ball back. That's what this game is about. For us to do that at a high level and put points on the board—that's what the difference between last week and this week is for sure.

Zay, kudos to your defense, right?

The turnovers we got today? Incredible. Evan Engram? Lights out. Trevor (Lawrence)? Dialing it up. Guys making incredible catches. My boy (Jamal Agnew) should have had a kick return. Guys were making plays for sure.

How good is Trevor (Lawrence) playing right now?

He's playing at a high level. You just watch him--anyone who really knows football can see the tape, the kid is playing well.

Rate the stiff arm.

I don't know, maybe like a 75 on Madden? Hey Trev, what's your stiff arm on Madden?

Trevor Lawrence: I don't know, but it should go up after today.

Probably get it to like an 80. You're probably sitting there at a nice, solid eighty.

You guys talk about everything still in front of us, meaning playoffs, obviously. So when you win a game like this--

It's incredible. It's not far-fetched at all. They're a good team. We got to play them again. You've got to be focused. But as far as our division goes, we got some games coming up that can really turn the tide for us. I'm not sure about all the variables that need to happen if there's something as far as us controlling what we can. It's sitting right in front of us.

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