WR Tyler Lockett


(On what happened offensively in the first half and what changed come the second half) "I think that Tennessee did a great job in the second half. Even on the first drive when we got the ball moving, just the fact that they kind of did a corner blitz, it caught us a little bit off guard. It kind of stopped the progression that we had moving the ball down field. I think they just had some good calls going into our last couple of drives. I don't think we were able to get first downs like we were earlier in the game and the first two quarters, which allowed us to be able to keep them on their toes. Do what we want to be able to do offensively. When you are getting three and outs and we're getting flags, it almost goes back to us shooting ourselves in the foot."

(On finding the balance between being excited and not over doing it) "The game is emotional, so you're going to see a lot of emotion coming out. It's the first time we had fans back in the game, so even that type of atmosphere is going to get you pumped up. It's going to get you rowdy, all the different type of stuff. This game is way different than it was last year just because of the atmosphere and everything that we know last year brought. Everybody is ready and everybody is excited, but we also got to learn how to be able to hold our composure and be really detailed in understanding why we're getting the penalties, how can we improve from it, stuff like that. At the end of the day, all you can really do is learn from it. I think that's something that we're going to do. We've got 'Tell the truth Monday', so we'll hear a bunch of truth while we're out there. Just learning from it and getting better form it. Even if we would've won, it's the same thing, you've got to be able to learn through those wins and through those losses."

(On if there was anything specifically he saw, besides the blitz, out of Tennessee today) "I just feel like that was one play that they did that they don't really show. It just happened to work out at that right time. I don't really think they did anything different that we saw. I think we adjusted to everything that they threw at us. It was more so that we just weren't able to get a rhythm in the third quarter. It kind of goes the same from the first game too. We kind of didn't have a rhythm in the third quarter as well. We've just got to be able to come out in the third and fourth quarter and just be able to finish. We see what we can do in the first half, we know what we're capable of. We've just got to be able to learn how to be able to play when we're on top."