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WR Treylon Burks


Were you excited about scoring your first touchdown in a Titan uniform here?

I was excited. It's different. When we got here and we put that Titan uniform on it's just a different vibe. And just to get the first one, it just – words can't explain it. We'll just come back Monday and just build on it

Did you feel a sense of relief when you got that first touchdown?

Honestly no, not really. Like Coach (Mike) Vrabel always says, when your opportunity comes just take advantage of it. And that's just what I did. My opportunity came in and just wanted to go make a play. 

How much more confident are you feeling going into the regular season especially after the three games?

I would just say the preseason is real valuable for rookies just to get a taste of it, and then actually just go out there come regular season and just go play ball. 

Did you find that the preseason was more typical than you expected?

It's more fast paced, just from my perspective. I honestly just keep doing what I'm doing and just keep getting better and better.

To get that first ball, you probably knew it was coming your way?

Honestly like I said, I'm just ready for them. I'm always ready for my opportunities and when my opportunity comes, I just take advantage of it. 

(On the) touchdown, what did you see specifically from Malik (Willis) because he had a crazy angle?

I just remember what my route (was) when he made an incredible throw and just when he made a play.

The first of many?

I don't like to get too far ahead, but yeah.

What did you do on that play?

I don't remember exactly what I did but it's just come in Monday – actually tomorrow, and just build on it and get better. 

What kind of work is there to do between now and September 11th really considering kind of your tumultuous path from draft day on? But do you feel like you've got a lot to do in the next couple of weeks?

I would say everybody has a lot to do. You're never perfect. No one's perfect. There's always room to improve and just keep improving.

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