WR Sterling Shepard


When did you find out you were going for two?

I knew that before the game even started. He told us he wasn't going to coach scared and that's exactly what he did. I mean, we all knew it. We knew we were going to go for it because he told us last night. He said, "I am not going to coach scared," and I believe everything the man says.

What is the difference in not coaching scared?

That just shows how much trust he has in us and we appreciate that. We want to be put in those pressure situations and we got guys that really want to be in those positions to make that play. Everybody in our huddle was like, I asked them, 'Who is going to make that play,' so we were all ready to make it and that is what you have to have to make it.

What were your feelings when you got behind the cornerback on the play?

It's over with. I wasn't going to be denied on that one. It has been a long time coming, a long road for me so I just thank God, man. It was some dark times going through recovery.

On the field goal?

That's what your teammates are for, you have got to pick each other up. They could have been mad at us for the first half and the way that we played. That's just the way the game goes. It is going to have ups and downs. You just have to keep fighting for it. That is what this sport is all about.

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