WR Robert Woods


With Josh (Dobbs) having six years of experience, it felt like everything just moved a little bit quicker, crisper?

I'll say, him just being able to see on some of the quick throws or three steppers, Josh (Dobbs) was able to stand in the pocket, being able to deliver it in a timely matter. On some third downs we were able to catch and get vertical. He put the ball in good spots to allow us to make plays.

I think you had three consecutive drives where you guys had a 30-yard completion or more and that's been missing from this offense?

I got to say, just keep giving us opportunities to make plays throughout the whole game.

With (Joshua) Dobbs, how impressive was I think he has been here a week. I mean, seems to have a pretty good command of the playbook, at least from our perspective. Do you feel that way?

Yeah, I would say so. He's been here eight days. He has been able to pick up on the offense and come in and start a football game, so that's a start. We'll see what we can do next week, but we've got more time to prepare, more time get where we are going to throw, more time to capitalize and go out and win a game.

Do you say anything to him (Joshua Dobbs) after the touchdown?

Just way to pull the trigger. I sat in the zone, kind of kept running, felt a soft spot, Josh (Dobbs) was ready for it, being able to throw it, being able to score. He said, 'I need that ball, that's my first one.'

Did you know that was his first career touchdown pass?

I did not, but definitely gave him the ball so he could cherish the touchdown.

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