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WR Michael Pittman Jr


What was the conversation going into that drive head ahead of the explosive play to Alec (Pierce) and then the touchdown for you?

Yeah, we just said that we needed to go out there and make plays, and Alec (Pierce) made the biggest play of the whole game, and I'm just so proud of him and everything that he has done. I think this was his first 100-yard game, but I haven't confirmed it yet. That's huge.

I believe, the longest catch of his career as he's right over there listening. The entire defense exploded saying, "Watch your head". Is that the best description for that play that Alec (Pierce) made?

Absolutely. I mean, that's, again, the biggest play that I've seen this year or so. And that really set us up to score and then win.

You've been here for a few years, not many wins over the Titans. To sort of pull this one out the way you did today, to be the guy to catch the game winner, what does it mean to you to kind of help lead a moment like this?

It really feels good to beat them back-to-back, because they beat us back-to-back and we've been trading off, so, it feels good give it back to them.

What were you able to see early that created the opportunity for the game-winning touchdown?

I saw them passing it off early, so I faked out and then I just went straight back, and then Gardner (Minshew) put up a perfect pass that I just had to catch.

Have you been part of a wilder game in your entire football career than the one you had this afternoon?

I would say the only one that comes close to the 2016 Rose Bowl. But I mean, this game was wild.

Kind of stalled in the first half. You come out of halftime and have that ten-minute drive, longest drive for the Colts in seven seasons. How did that shift the momentum?

We just decided that we were going to move the ball. We decided we weren't going to let them dictate us and we got going.

What was different in that drive that you weren't able to do in the first half?

I would say that we were just completing passes, and just like completions, completions, completions, and we were taking it down there and good things happened.

What was Gardner (Minshew) like in that last drive and what does that say about him to respond in that way throughout a crazy game?

Gardner (Minshew) is super calm, and there was no change. He's the same intensity, whether it's the first play or the last play. He's just cool and collected and he was ready to make probably the two biggest passes this season.

The special teams, how pivotal were they in getting this win today?

Whenever you have two block punts, really, I think we should have won by more points. But they are a very well-coached team and it's never easy. They always fight hard, and they fought hard.

What was your reaction to both of those blocked punts?

That's just crazy. It's also unfortunate that (Ryan) Stonehouse got hurt. You never I want to see that, but it was a big play and we're very fortunate that they went our way and I just hope that he's okay.

What's going through your mind when you throw the ball up in the air when you go on the road? What's that feeling like?

The first thing that crossed my mind was is this flying 2,000 or like 6,000 and I was like, F it and threw it up. So, that was the first thing and then everybody started running at me. I don't even know. I can't even comprehend what was happening. I'm still confused about it.

16 targets, 11 catches; What does that do for your whole unit?

That tells me I should have caught more of them because I feel like there was a couple that I probably should have caught. It's always good to come out and do it consistently. Last week, it was another high-volume game. Just being there and making those tough catches. There was some tough catches that I should have made today that I would like back, but that's just how it goes. That'ss football. They're good players, too. I just have such a high standard.

But the rhythm that you get into, I imagine that's kind of fun?

I feel like it calms me down knowing that I'm going to get multiple opportunities. If one doesn't go my way, I know I'm not going to sit for three quarters before I get another pass. I feel like they're really looking to come to me which is what I love.

You guys have consistently proved yourselves to be a really resilient team. How do you think you guys have built that to where you can win games like this because you guys have won games?

I'd say it's just the level of commitment. I feel like everybody is bought in and we don't ever quit. There was a time when they were winning, and it wasn't looking good, and they were moving the ball well. We were like well, I guess we better start playing well now. So, fortunately, we were able to pick it up. Defense played great, too. We had two block punts and a sack fumble too. They just did great today.

You said a couple of weeks ago that people are sleeping on this receiver group. Two 100-yard receivers today. Does that help maybe wake some people up?

Absolutely. You just never really know. Alec (Pierce), Josh (Downs), those guys can both do it. On any given day, it could be me, Josh, or Alec, and today it was Alec.

You've seen Alec Pierce put in the work behind the scenes probably more than a lot of people. For him to get this game where he has a big impact on it obviously, how gratifying is that for you as his teammate?

I am so proud of him. I am so excited for him because he's worked so hard. People have kind of wrote him off, but he's doing everything right. It's really great to see him have that success in a big game, and I'm so proud of him.

It feels like the two or three weeks he's (Alec Pierce) been getting open, but the ball hasn't gone there. How hard is it for a receiver?

It's definitely frustrating, but he's always locked in and he's a really good teammate. He just wants to win, so he's going to do whatever it takes. Today, it took him having a really big game. And again, I'm just so proud.

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