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WR Michael Pittman Jr


I know the Titans are kind of keeping it in front of you. What didn't come together the same way this week?

Well, I really have to go back and watch film. I can't tell right now. I've got to go see the bigger picture.

How do you feel about the play with Terrance Mitchell?

He just made a great play. It's unfortunate. I thought I had it tucked. He had a great punch out. He's a good player too, and he punched out the ball.

Do you think the offense has to pick up the defense?

Absolutely. I mean, our defense plays lights out every single game. Of course, we want to be there and help them out too and lift them up. We've just got to be better.

How much pressure is it in games like today?

It's definitely hard, but we've got to keep playing through and just go out and execute plays. I think that's pretty much it. Execute. And we can't have fumbles, you know? That's on me. Penalties and stuff like that, we've just got to stay on it and stay with it. 

What do you and the offense need to do to get more downfield throws back in the offense?

I could do that every single play, but I just run the place of whatever's calling. I run.

What can you guys do to generate those down the field plays?

Absolutely. I mean, they've just got to trust it. They've got to trust us even though they're playing zone. We'll go out there and make those big boy catches. Alec (Pierce) has done it. (Parris Campbell) has done it. I've done it. (Mike Strachan) has done like everybody's done. We can actually do it.

Do you feel the margin for error is pretty small right now for this offense?

I mean, when we're sitting 3-3-1, yeah. It is.

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