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WR Marquise Brown



Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021

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(on how happy he was to see QB Lamar Jackson earn his first playoff victory) "I'm super proud of him – just to get that monkey off his back. Now, we can just try to build on it and keep going."

(on what the locker room was like after the game) "Everybody was just excited. We know the work we put in. We know the last few times that we played them, we came up short. So, we put it all on the field and were able to get the victory."

(on how meaningful it was for him to have a big game in the postseason) "Like I said, the playoffs are a whole new season. Everybody is 0-0, so what happened in the regular season really doesn't matter. It's about what you do now. So, that's all we've been preaching to each other, and that's all we're trying to go out there and do – go 1-0 each week."

(on how QB Lamar Jackson handled the situation when things weren't going well early in the game) "You always have confidence when it's a mistake that you made and not something they did to cause it. So, he knew he should have done something better to not throw an interception, so he was level-headed, he was calm, and he was like, 'We're going to get back.' And that's exactly what he did; he brought us back."

(on if there was a little extra intensity) "Yes. Those guys, they play the way they play, but we're the Ravens; we're going to play the way we play. We just leave it on the field at the end of the day."

(on if he missed a few snaps due to a cramp and his evolution in the short-passing game) "Yes, it was just a cramp. And yes, [offensive coordinator] Greg Roman, he continued to trust me to get me involved in different things. So, I just do my best out there to try to execute what they tell me to do, and hopefully, going forward, it continues."

(on if QB Lamar Jackson's 48-yard TD run provided momentum) "Of course. That was a big-time run. The way he puts his foot in the ground and goes, it's like no other. So, that definitely boosted the whole team, and we rallied behind him."

(on the difference in his performance in this game and the Week 11 matchup against the Titans) "Like I said before, every game is not going to be great, and every game is not going to be bad. You take the bad with the bad, the good with the good and keep moving. Just because I had a good game this week, I've got to still put in the work to do good next week. So, I never get too high, I never get too low; I just keep pushing."

(on making a difficult catch near his own end zone) "Honestly, I was like, 'I think this is a backwards throw.' So, I was doing everything in my power just to hold on to the ball. Luckily, it ended up good [and] in our favor."

(on how much he appreciates those long runs by QB Lamar Jackson) "I always appreciate it, because people don't understand, when he runs like that, he still has to come back and give another play and throw the ball again or run the ball again. So, he's talented. God gave him a gift, so we're blessed to have him."

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