WR Marcus Johnson


(on how good it felt to be back out on the field)

It felt good. All glory to God. I'm just thankful to be back, you know what I mean? Earning that trust in training camp, just fighting my way back during IR. I felt like it was a solid debut coming back.

(on if he feels that he hit the ground running right where he left off prior to injury)

Not completely, but the biggest thing for me was just coming in and making sure the hamstring healed up. I knew the role was going to be pretty big. I was going to be moving around the offense and special teams. So, my mindset was as long as I could do whatever I can to feel good in the game, my natural ability would take place.

(on the challenge of being patient while rehabbing and if that made today more gratifying)

It definitely makes it sweeter. I wouldn't say it was hard at all. I had a lot of peace when the hamstring injury happened just knowing that I was with an organization who believed in me, and I've shown them what I could do. So, during that IR time I just made sure that I just worked and worked, so when I came back, I was fully prepared.

(on how big it is to have the trust of quarterback Ryan Tannehill on third down)

That's huge. That's what we've practiced, you know what I mean? I think that was a big step for me last week, having a limited role, just practicing, not really sure if I would play against the Jets. But being able to come in and we commit a whole day, Thursdays, to third down. So last week, this week and then translating it to the game.

(on the offense's ability to convert third downs and keep drives alive)

That's huge, you know what I mean? It saves us in a lot of situations to be able to drive down, connect on the field goal and then obviously go score. Those are momentum shifters, and that was what we needed, and then the big stop at the goal line for our defense. Those third or fourth down situations really swing the momentum.

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