WR Julio Jones


(On overruled touchdown) "Nah, I control what I can control, right? They ruled that it wasn't a touchdown, so my mindset and mentality is to get the next play. I just saw it. I felt like I was in once I caught the ball, one foot down, second foot down. I felt like I scored. It's not my place to do their job. It's their job, they're professionals. They try to make every call with the best judgement they can do. Like I said it's not my job to go out there and officiate the game."

(On how it feels to have a game like this) "For me, it's always about the team, going out there and getting a win on each and every play for those guys, going to war each and every play. It feels good to come out of this thing with a win, a good team win. Just the way we went out there and were winless and didn't stop and kept going."

(On pressure he felt based on last week and start of today) "For me, I don't put any added pressure on myself. I always come out here and try to do every play the best way I can possibly do it. That starts in practice so that when I get to the game I'm ready to go. I'm just out there having fun."

(On what Titans offense can be) "We had a heck of a second half. We didn't finish the way we wanted to finish. I haven't watched film yet, or anything like that. We just have to continue to get better. It was a great team win."