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WR Ja'Marr Chase


Q. Talk about that last play before the kick. What did you see? What did you guys feel like you could do?

JA'MARR CHASE: I had a bench route. (The defender) jumped inside me. I thought that was a good job by him. That's what I wanted him to do, jump inside me. Gave him a good inside stick. Stacked him. Gave him a step at the top to create separation and keep the angle high. And Joe (Burrow) threw me open.

Q. You've been looking for that big catch all game. Was there a difference why you were able to execute as a team on that play compared to maybe some other ones?

JA'MARR CHASE: No, Joe (Burrow) just saw a signal. Joe saw a signal. He told me after the game he immediately knew where he was going with the ball. That was all on Joe on that play.

Q. A presnap signal?


Q. From the sideline?

JA'MARR CHASE: Players on the field. I don't know where. I'm assuming the safeties.

Q. What was your vantage point on the sacks? What did you see?

JA'MARR CHASE: I just saw him on the ground, honestly. I was trying to get out. We were actually trying to run quicker routes to get Joe (Burrow) – to get the ball out of his hands, but they were getting back there still sometimes. And we were just trying to get the ball out of his hands and trying to do the most. But he was getting rushed very fast. I just couldn't see him, about that. He was just on the ground a lot.

Q. Defense played a huge game. Three turnovers. What's going through your mind when Logan Wilson grabs the ball, falls to the ground and gives you guys one more shot?

JA'MARR CHASE: What was going through my mind? Win the game. Win the game. That's all that's going through my mind. Keep your poise and win a game.

Q. How excited were you?

JA'MARR CHASE: I wasn't excited. I wasn't excited after the game, either.

Q. (Joe) Burrow was talking about speaking to the team last night. What's Burrow like as a public speaker (inaudible)?

JA'MARR CHASE: I feel like Joe (Burrow), when Joe public speaks, that's when he gets a little shy. But he still knows how to talk, talk to the team. It's his team. He knows how to talk to us. We feed off him. He brings the energy. He stays calm, that's when we feed off him. Whatever he's doing, that's how we're going to respond.

Q. Has he done more of that this season or was last night maybe a different thing?

JA'MARR CHASE: You know what happened last night?

Q. Joe was talking about it.

JA'MARR CHASE: I was going to say, you guys all got a spy on us, huh? I mean, it wasn't just from him. It was all the leaders in general. Just glad for those guys to get up make a speech for us.

Q. You said you weren't excited for this. What will it take to excite you?

JA'MARR CHASE: Super Bowl, AFC Championship, those two.

Q. Ja'Marr, your ability to make yards after the catch, today's specific (indiscernible). Were you surprised that the Titans weren't able to bring you down when you were able to kind of extend some of those plays?

JA'MARR CHASE: No, I don't expect nobody to bring me down on my first tackle.

Q. Did you think you were (indiscernible) 57 yarder?

JA'MARR CHASE: Yeah, I should have -- I should have just pushed TB into the dude, honestly. That's what I should have did.

Q. How big was that with Joe (Burrow) not having a lot of time to throw, to get explosive plays?

JA'MARR CHASE: We just gotta, as receivers, we've just got to speed our routes up, run shorter routes and try to make plays after the catch. Get some YAC.

Q. [Question about hundred yard].

JA'MARR CHASE: Awesome. Awesome.

Q. How much fun are you having?

JA'MARR CHASE: It is fun, actually. It's been fun. We're winning. So, cool. Cool with that. That's fun.

Q. It's called bench because you're on the bench, right?

JA'MARR CHASE: Basically. Basically. We can go with that actually. That works perfectly.

Q. When Evan goes out there, as a (indiscernible), have you guys gotten to the point where, he's got this? Is there any (indiscernible)? What's it like when he's booting a really long field goal in the AFC Championship?

JA'MARR CHASE: I'm calm. I try to be as calm as I can watching that kick. But I know he's going to make it. Just having faith in our kicking, you know what I'm saying? Everybody loves our kicker. Evan (McPherson) is a cool dude. We support him. As long as he's going out there kicking his best field goals, we love it.

Q. (Indiscernible) talk about the impact you guys had. When you came in, when did you know it was a good culture going on in the locker room?

JA'MARR CHASE: I never knew there wasn't good culture.

Q. How did you know there was good culture?

JA'MARR CHASE: When we started winning, I guess. When the fans wanting to start to come to the game.

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