WR Dez Fitzpatrick


(on how it felt to earn opportunities today)

I know our team believes a lot in the next man up mentality, so I know I had to prepare all week like I was going to play as much as I did today. When the opportunity was afforded to me today, I just took advantage of it. I still had a lot of mistakes out there that I'd like to have back, so I have to grow from this.

(on if not scoring in the first half was due to the Titans execution or the Texans performance)

I think it's a little bit of both. We shot ourselves in the foot a lot. We were moving the ball down the field and we just have to find ways to score touchdowns in the red zone, and that starts with us.

(on his perseverance throughout training camp to scoring his first career touchdown today)

I always try to keep chopping at the wood. Consistency always, everyone believing in me and me believing in myself. But at the end of the day it is really not about me, it's about us really trying to get that team win.