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WR Deebo Samuel


Q. Deebo, I guess did you just have the wind knocked out of you, landed on the ball in that 56-yard catch and run?

DEEBO SAMUEL: Yes, sir. Definitely knocked the wind out of me. I couldn't breathe for a second.

Q. That did breathe life back into the comeback. How were you guys feeling there towards the end? Did you feel like, okay, we're going to make amends here?

DEEBO SAMUEL: Yeah, it's always like that when you got down there and then you end up scoring. We got all the faith in the world in our defense and kind of fell up short. They still gave us a chance toward the end of the game with a little bit of time on the clock, and sadly we didn't get it done.

Q. Deebo, how much did you feel like going into halftime you know, two, three touchdowns, how frustrating was it to go and get...

DEEBO SAMUEL: It was kind of frustrating, but you know, you got to put that behind and you just go out there and, you know what I'm saying, try to do better the second half. We kind of fell short then.

Q. Jimmy is known for after an interception bouncing back really quickly. Did you see him be the same guy in the huddle as usual?

DEEBO SAMUEL: Yeah, of course. You know, turnovers happen in a game. Like I said a couple weeks ago, you got guys in the huddle that bring Jimmy (Garoppolo) back up. He never gets down. He just knows what he is capable of and he just goes out there and continues to play the ball he plays.

Q. (Regarding miscommunication on a couple different plays.) Was it just communication in the huddle? Was it just trying to...

DEEBO SAMUEL: I wouldn't say it was miscommunication. I would just say where the ball is supposed to go kind of like how the defense played, they're all over the place, so Jimmy (Garoppolo) was trying to fit the ball in a small hole and they played it well and got a turnover.

Q. Deebo, on the interception he threw to you, looked like you were open, but did he have to kind of float that over the linebackers there?


Q. Were you open but maybe not...

DEEBO SAMUEL: It was a small window Jimmy (Garoppolo) tried to fit the ball in. Jimmy is capable of making those passes, but I think it kind of got away from him. Put a little bit too much air on it and they got a turnover.

Q. Could you describe the last drive and how you guys drew up the lateral...

DEEBO SAMUEL: That came from a scratch. Kyle (Shanahan) came over, he was like, 'Hey, Deebo, we're going to throw a screen to you. If you're able to go score, try to score. If not, we're going to play the pitch it back game and kind of fell up short there.

Q. Sounds like after the third or fourth there might actually be a chance...

DEEBO SAMUEL: I actually thought (George) Kittle was going to break loose but they flew over there so fast it didn't happen.

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