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WR DeAndre Hopkins


DeAndre (Hopkins) some people weren't interested in you during free agency, do you think that you answered them back today? Shut them up?

No, no. I really don't care too much of what goes on outside of things that I can't control. I trust God, I've trusted God my whole life and for me to be the NFL playing football, I'm thankful. I really don't care about what goes on. I'm grateful to be here. I'm just thankful that I'm playing football today.

Will (Levis) is the third rookie quarterback ever to throw four touchdowns in his first start. What did you see from him in terms of poise and readiness and getting you the ball?

You got to thank Tim Kelly and those guys, the whole offensive staff for getting him ready and prepared for today. Obviously, he's a very talented quarterback, confident, plays the game like he's been here before. Tim Kelly, those guys did a great job of being prepared for today.

The chemistry you two had today, was that something you've seen before at practice or was that really taken up a notch today?

We really haven't had many practice reps. Obviously, I'm not the only receiver that's out there at practice. He has to spread the ball around. We knew he could do what he did today and that's how he practices. That's how he processes the game.

Did you feel like a breakthrough game was coming for you? And (it was) great that Will (Levis) was able to just throw it up and you go get it.

I always want the quarterback to trust me, even if the DBs are on me and I look like I'm covered. And that's what he did today. That's what we talked about. We knew we were going to go out there and make those plays. He felt confident in me and trusted me. Obviously, I want to be there for my quarterbacks, especially a first-time starter, that helps build his confidence. It's not only me but Nick Westbrook(-Ikhine) as well. And offensive line, you've got to thank them as well for blocking for us.

What does it do for this team right now getting back in the win column knowing you're going to have three straight (games) on the road in terms of just the mentality of this team.

We are trying to stack wins together right now. We've got a good team coming up. We're going against the Steelers. Not sure of the outcome today, but those guys got a good football team. And that's what we're focused on. Trying to stack wins and take it game for game, but obviously a win like today helps but it is a quick turnaround.

How were you able to put everything behind you with the quarterback situation, the Byard trade and come out with a win today?

That's why we are here, that's why we are NFL players, it's a part of the business. You can't look at things that you can't control. You have your job. And that's what everybody did today. Special teams, offense and defense and we control what we can control.

There were touchdowns where (Will) Levis kind of shouldered and moved the defender, is that something advanced for a rookie or is that just something you kind of expect from a rookie quarterback?

In college, they throw the football more than they did when I was playing. So, I feel like you get quarterbacks that are ready like today and Will (Levis) showed that, but Will practices those movements that you've seen, that's how he practices, you practice rep like you are in a game rep. And he demands the same from us.

Did you give him the touchdown ball yourself or to someone else?

I gave it to him.

What do you say when you gave it to him?

He was pumped, he didn't say too much. I told him let's go get some more.

What were you lobbying on the OPI call that was in the third (quarter)?

Oh, that was a terrible call. I respect those refs, but that was that was one that I've never had called on me in 11 years. He said basically, I pushed a guy while I was trying to release, and he's pressing me. So, I don't know what else I can do out right there but do put my hands behind my back and just let him control me.

There was a lot of talk about what you were looking for in a suitor, through eight weeks in Tennessee how would you evaluate this landing spot based on what you were looking for?

I was just looking for somebody who wanted me and that's what I got.

What can you say about (Will) Levis' passing arm? In particular, the strength that you saw not just five-yard touchdown passes, but 30, 40, 60?

We've seen it in practice. We've seen that even when he was on scout team letting it rip to Mason (Kinsey) and other guys that are on the 53-man roster. So, we always knew Will (Levis) had an arm like that. It's just on us to come down with the ball and keep running.

What was that touchdown celebration you do?

It's a yoga pose I've done for a long time.


Yeah, you know it.

You've played with a lot of different quarterbacks in your career, and you've done well with different guys shuffling in and having chemistry with them. How difficult and cool is that for a rookie's first start, haven't played a ton of snaps, to go off like you guys did?

I love the challenge. A lot of receivers, it's not ideal for them to play with rookie quarterbacks especially at this age. But for me, I love it, I know it's a challenge. I came here for whatever result, whoever is at quarterback.I've been playing football for a long time so just talking to him throughout the week, letting him be comfortable. Not really being in his ear, telling him to give me the ball or do this and that, but just letting him read it and make the right decisions. And that's what he did today.

There's not a lot of must wins in Week 8 but how much did you need this to change the conversation?

A win helps. Especially with this division being the way it is right now. This is it's a tough division, Jacksonville is playing good football, and the Colts are as well. So, we are just trying to stack wins.

When you have a jump ball down the sideline like the first touchdown, was there anything going through your head or is it kind of muscle memory at this point in those situations?

Just catch the ball and try to stay in bounds especially against a physical DB like today. Just try to come down with the ball and build confidence for the quarterback. For the Titans fans, us in the locker room, we don't appreciate the boos for Malik (Willis). That's very unfair. He's on this team and he's part of us and what do what we do. It's just not something I expected coming here and I don't think that was very fair for Malik.

Did you say anything to him?

I said some things to him I probably couldn't say right here, but I said some things to him.

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