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WR Deandre Hopkins


(on preseason conversations about being ready for Week One)

I think we said that because you guys in the media were panicking after one preseason game, so we felt like we had to calm (you down a) little bit. We knew what we were going to be like.

(on keeping his feet in bounds to score his first touchdown of the game)

That's what I do, man, make those tough catches. I should've had one out there that I beat myself up on. Kyler (Murray) put the ball where it needed to be. A quarterback like that is always trying to make a play. I just knew I had to be where he was going to throw the ball in. There was good coverage, but those balls aren't easy to catch. Being in the NFL for nine years, I know the most important thing, even if I drop it, is getting my feet down, so I was focused on that.

(on what he thought of quarterback Kyler Murray's performance overall)

Man, he won the game. At the end of the day, it says W or a loss. He had five touchdowns. He prepared like he was going to have five touchdowns. He demanded everybody else to be on their A-game. When we messed up, Kyler (Murray) was the first one on us. I expected that out of him the way he's prepared this offseason.

(on the defense setting the tone right out of the box)

We knew Chandler (Jones) and that D-line were going to do what they did today. Those guys practice like dogs, man. It's sometimes hard for us to go out and have a successful practice against them just because you see what you've seen today. We knew what was going to happen. We stopped the run. That's what we were focused on, and that's what they do.

(on how much he appreciated wide receiver Christian Kirk's two touchdowns)

A lot. I see (Christian) Kirk make those catches in practice all the time, so when the ball was in the air, I knew it was a touchdown every single time, especially the one over the head. (Christian) Kirk is a focused guy during the week. He takes care of his body, he prepares every day like gameday. I expected that out of him today.

(on playing with a quarterback like Kyler Murray)

It's fun playing with a guy like Kyler (Murray). You know what to expect. The play is never over until he's on the ground. For us, it's just being where he needs us to be. Sometimes it's freestyling with him and just getting open, finding the open spot. Kliff (Kingsbury) does a good job of preparing us for those scramble drills because we know a guy like Kyler (Murray), it's hard for him to go down. Conditioning is a big thing. You've got to prepare for games like this today.

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