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WR CeeDee Lamb


CeeDee, 100 yards again in this game, 11 receptions. You got 651 in the past seven with five touchdowns total...(inaudible) in the back half of the season?

I always want to finish strong for the team. I always have the most confidence in myself and believing in myself and in my teammates that we're all going to get our job done.


I'm doing whatever to get positive yards. Never want to really go back. That's kind of how I play this game, always going in understanding that I'm not going to be the biggest receiver, but I can for sure get those extra yards.

CeeDee, just one more game left in the regular season. What do you make of where this team is at?

We still got a ways to go, honestly. And I understand that we got one more game in the regular season but capitalizing on all the mistakes. I mean, I feel like if we do that, we can be great.

They were missing guys, we know that. Obviously, the guys that played are very capable, too. But is there an element that was frustrating that you guys couldn't put this game away earlier?

We just needed to put points on the board. Stop turning it over. Make routine plays. We do that, we'll be all right.

What did you sense with Dak (Prescott) tonight in terms of his composure as the game went on? He had some mishaps early but finished strong.

Quarterback is the hardest position in this sport that we play. So obviously there's going to be some good and bad. I mean, some things you learn from. And once again, he's overcome adversity and was able to put this game away.

Someone put your jersey in Zeke (Ezekiel Elliott)'s locker. Did he request it from you?

Yeah, he did. Not really a request, he just took it. He just said, 'I need that, dude.'


No specifics behind it. I mean, I got his jersey too so nice little jersey swap between the team.

T.Y. Hilton last week on the third-and-30, he showed what he could do with the speed and the wheels. Even at 33, he can take the top off the defense. Today he showed that he can be a critical possession receiver. What does a guy like that do as far as production-wise and the pressure it takes off of you as a receiver?

Gives us confidence. Obviously keeps the ball rolling. In this league, all you need is timely downs. Understand that we get those, and with the weapons we have, he's just a key element to it. Keep building--I mean, they can double me all they want. Come on.

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